Saturday, August 20, 2011

Secret Garden, Hidden Treasures

A Secret Garden

If there were a secret garden,
What would it comprise?
Fragrant flowers, a babbling brook, butterflies?
Dragonflies, birds, and bees, there would be all of these.

But most of all, within ‘that place’,
Tranquil peace and serenity await;
Ever there for me and you to relax and renew.
So every morning before you start,
Visit the ‘secret garden’ of your heart.

By Linda Wall Hall

My mother has a beautiful back garden, you enter it through an arched gate that was made for her by a friend, that is shaded by a beautiful birch tree and planted with wonderful beds. The garden like the house at first seems deceiving in its size, but once you are there you are surprised by the spaciousness and its splendor. There are hidden treasures on the gates in the borders and under plants. I love to sit on the deck and be enveloped by the sweet sound of the wind chimes and the breeze off Lake Michigan.

These are few photos I took while playing with my new "fur brother."

"I think I found hidden treasures"


  1. Your mother's garden is enchanting! Looks lush and lovely. Nothing like living by the lake. I am on the other side , while I don't live on it, I live a few minutes from it. Lake Mi. that is.

  2. Oh, look at that beautiful soulfull puppy face. Do you have a new camera, your photos are wonderful!

  3. A wonderful little garden retreat from the English National Trust to escape into is my idea of a perfect garden Elizabeth!
    Millie x


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