Friday, March 2, 2012

Words of Life...Writing Exercise

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

I am excited it is the weekend, and even better it will be snowing here in Milwaukee, perhaps a last little bit of winter before the end of the season. In addition, I am going on a road trip, and I love an adventure. I love to see the sights, try out the junk food in whatever area I am traveling, make up stories to entertain whoever is with me, and just enjoy the company of my travel companions.

As it is Friday, I thought it might be fun to play a game, Scrabble to be exact. Jeanne from Collage of Life had a great post today called "Words for Life"... and she suggest sitting down and writing, no punctuation, no capitals, nothing that will take your mind off of the game. Basically, you sit and compile a list of words that describe your life, your interests, your favorite things, whatever you want. Jeanne suggests answering the following question: "If life were a game of scrabble my words would be?"

I loved this exercise, and I have to tell you that Jeanne is absolutely correct, once you start your list the words just keep coming. I sat for twenty minutes and these are the words that came to me, obviously not an all encompassing list but a good start for now.

These are the words that make up the "fabric" of me and my life:
my husband
my pup munchen
 time with my mother
spending time with my family and friends
niece's and nephew
in laws
step children
spending time alone
white tulips
walking along the beach
listening to the sound of the ocean
english home magazines
doing research
 pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese
great cheese
crusty bread
hot chocolate
classical music, violin concertos, string quartets
Gregorian chants, i turn them up loud and relax to them
early music, groups such as anonymous 4, lion heart
metallica, yes the heavy metal group
 Pavarotti, Bochelli, Groban
Pink Martini
Dead Can Dance, Lorrena McKennitt
Broadway plays, Into the Woods, Chicago, Mary Poppins
paris, France
ANYWHERE in scotland
 the cottswolds, the lake district
still life paintings
the great masters
antique stores
flannel pj's
warm slippers
hot baths
cashmere scarfs and throws
plaid anything
Issey Miyake Perfume
Kenzo Perfume
Hermes Birkin Bag...a girl can dream
Marc Jacobs
Karl Langerfeld
Cocoa Chanel
Christian Dior Quilted bag
Marlena DiBlassi, Marina Fiorato
Eli Weisel
Pine Cones and Acorns
Once Upon A Chocolate Life
latin mass
Pope John Paul II
Downton Abbey
Audrey Hepburn
KAtherine Hepburn
Danny Kaye
Bing Crosby
TNT Movie Classics
Summer Time with Katherine Hepburn
White Christmas
Classic Movies
The Princess Bride
Waking Ned Devine

words of my life from Wordle
By the way, your list is a work in progress. Start and stop and go back when you can or when you think of something you want to write down. It is very cathartic. I hope you try it and link back to Jeanne at Collage of Life . I would love to know your words for life so if you do write your list I would love to read it.  Thank you Jeanne for a wonderful exercise in self!

Have a great weekend, be safe wherever you are, strange weather happening all over the world.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Now, the WORDIE thing at the bottom of your image, you made your collage from there???? I must do this! I must see if I can get my children to do this too!!!

    OH DEAREST! IT IS FRIDAY and be safe on the road my sweet!!! Back later this weekend! Anita

  2. The Word list and Wordle are very fitting today since it is Dr. Suess's Birthday. Best thing to go with making a word list and using wordle is a giant cup of cocoa and a big plate of chocolate desserts. love ya...

  3. I must, I MUST try this this weekend!! HELLO MY DARLING FRIEND! Thank you for visiting me last night to help celebrate my up and coming anniversary. Because of the nature of this time of year (busy with school), it looks as if we will do our celebrating in JUNE, right after school is OVER!!!!!!! I thank you dear one for always coming to comment, and I wish you a safe and lovely road trip, INDEED! I will be thinking of! Anita

  4. I will have fun trying this...although I believe it could quickly become an obsession of trying to think of any and all words that describe my life. Thanks.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  5. Ooh, there is darling Anita...a great idea to do with the kids!!
    Dear friend, what a terrific and FUN exercise this is...
    I can't wait to do this. I remember doing something similar in one of my journals when I was in middle school! Now I want to find it and see how much I have in common with that younger self :))
    I hope you are having a marvelous and safe road trip...and I hope we get to see some photos!
    Hugs to you, sweet Elizabeth..
    - Irina

  6. Hi Elizabeth...I have been looking through some old posts and came across your word list. It was fun to look at mine all these years later. Loved looking at yours again. I can see why we share so many interests! Would it be the same if you did it today? I am tempted to do mine again...I can see already that it has changed a lot! ;)


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