Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Good morning! I like many am off work today because of the cold and snow. According to the local news the last time it was this cold was 1888; I cannot even imagine how the people stayed warm or should I say as warm and toasty as I like to be on days that it is -45 with the windchill. 

Today you will find me "snug as a bug in a rug" working from home and possibly testing a few recipes that I want to make for a little get together I will be having.  Although I would love to go out to take a walk the weather is not going to cooperate so I will have to take a virtual one. These are a few of the photos I took while out Saturday. 

I hope that you stay warm and safe from the snow and cold. Be careful if you are out traveling.

By the way, yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day. If you are home and looking for something to bake this Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting is scrumptious!


  1. Beautiful photos, at the moment I would love to lie down in that snow to cool down. We are having the hottest summer since 1908, today was once again 41 celcius, it is so hard to function normally in this heat. Unfortunately only those who work outside will have time off work. Bring on Autumn, best wishes Wendy

  2. I am a nature lover as well and I really enjoyed this walk with you this morning! n
    Now I'd like to enjoy a piece of that cake! Have a glorious day. Your photos are beautiful. xo Nancy

  3. Darling girl, you are BRAVE to even go out to snap these photos! Like you, I am home again today on Tuesday (I was also off yesterday) due to these -40 windchill days! I fear even opening my door to get the mail!

    OK, I just opened my door at 7:30am to investigate a strange noise outside my door....the COLD coming through the storm door is VIOLENT! Stay inside my friend....

  4. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth, this weather is CRAZY! I hope you make something yummy today to ward off the cold and have a lovely day! xoxo

  5. PS...I wish I could have that piece of cake right now!!!

  6. Lovely shots, and they feel cold!

    Stay in and drink hot chocolate.

  7. Yummy! The cake looks delicious and perfect mid afternoon snack for the weather you're having. Your pictures are incredible Elizabeth. I too have wondered how those living back in the 1800's stayed warm. Wool and animal fur perhaps?

  8. Your pictures are so gorgeous...but its that chocoalte cake that has my heart dreaming of digging in! As much as I admire the beauty of snow...frankly i am over it. I want sunshine, warmth and green grass!

  9. The cake looks divine! I have been itching to bake...everyone I know is dieting. It is the January thing. Thanks for taking us on your walk. Your photographs are beautiful! Hugs!

  10. Dear Elizabeth

    Your photos are fabulous and I love the compositions. That temperature makes me cold just reading it. Hope your pantry is well stocked.
    It was in the mid 70's here today, I count my blessings


  11. Chocolate cake day! That is so funny - and I am trying to stay away from cake in january! But it is what we all crave!

  12. Dear Elizabeth
    the snow is beautiful and I love the imagery in each shot. Ok I may love the photo of the chocolate cake a bit more lol. YUMMY. Hope that the new year has been wonderful to you. Kate xoxo


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