Monday, January 18, 2021

The Happiness Report No.26

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"It's the little things in life that bring you the most happiness."

Happiness quote on a blue background

Good Monday morning friends, how are you? Do you have the day off for Martin Luther King day? I am feeling refreshed and revived. Last Wednesday I strained my hamstring at yoga, it was so painful I couldn't sleep, frankly I really did not know that it was my hamstring until I went to yoga on Thursday and my yogi told me what it was. After resting Friday and Saturday I feel as good as new. 

Here are a few more reasons I am feeling happy this week:

1. I mentioned last week that I was feeling a little stressed, down and overwhelmed by all of the negativity that seems to have permeated the world, so I made a conscious decision to limit my time on all social media last week and I think it is just one of the reasons I am feeling so much happier. 

2. I got a new Fitbit! I had one for years, but I started to have so many issues with it that I stopped wearing it and I didn't track my steps for 2 years! Although I was pretty sure I was still getting my steps in everyday I missed my little tracker, what I really like about my new one is the little "reminder" every hour to get up and log 250 steps. For those of you who work from home it is easy to get sedentary as your desk, just a reminder, you should be getting up every hour and walking around for 10 minutes. 

3. We have lived in our house for 13 years and I think we had eaten in the dining room 2 or three times. In December I made a decision that we would eat every dinner in the dining room and it has been so nice. We set the table with candles, linen napkins, and our family silver. It is funny because even a bowl of soup seems special. 

4. I've been doing a guided meditation once a day, it's only 10 minutes but it is about all I can handle before my "monkey-mind" takes over. 

5. I been spending time at one of my favorite museums in the world, The Louvre, you to can explore some of your favorite works of art virtually. 

6. I turn off my computer and my iPad an house before bed and read a chapter or two from my latest book and then I end the day with a page from Simple Abundance

7. Patches my mischievous pup is keeping me on my toes, she is 6 months old and is such a joy. She is smart and funny and she loves to be outside, unfortunately she wants to be outside all day long and I often times have to chase her around the yard to get her inside because she thinks I am playing with her. I don't mind if it is a sunny day but lately it has been pretty chilly and she still wants to be out there. 

8. I know that many of you have moved on to a new holiday but at my house the trees are still up, and I am still burning one of my favorite candles Majestic Balsam fir, the magic of Christmas is alive and well at my house. 

9. I made the most scrumptious Triple Chocolate Muffins yesterday, we kept two for our house and the rest are headed to the neighbors this afternoon. 

10. YOU! Thank you to all of you, who sent me emails, or comments, or left messages on Instagram this past week, it is nice to have friends like all of you. 

What is making you happy lately? The sun, the snow or the fact that summer is just around the corner? The vaccination? A new recipe? Book? Whatever is brightening your day and making you smile or laugh it is a good thing. Have a great day and stay safe. 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Silent Sunday No. 507


Have a great day friends!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday Finds from Boden

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Good morning my friends, I know that I am not alone when I say that after being home for the last 10 months I am starting to miss dressing up or actually wearing anything besides yoga clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love to be at home, in fact it is my favorite place to be but even my introvert personality is starting to get a little antsy. I also love comfortable clothes but sometimes I like to get dressed up and go to a dinner party or just out and about. 

 I miss seeing family, packing my suitcase with some fun outfits and heading off to a new or familiar destination, to remedy that I've been looking at a few things to add to my Spring and Summer wardrobe and thought I would share a few with you today just in case you are looking for a few things too. 

Boden is a wonderful English company that I like to peruse for new and unique pieces; dresses, and sweaters are my "go-to" pieces from here because they are colorful, whimsical, true to size and good quality. But they also have cute shoes, accessories, shirt, pants and more. Not only that they have clothing for the men and children in your house too, I am partial to the kids clothes because they are so cute and colorful, they make great gifts as well. 

Girl in a colorful shirt dress walking on a beach

I LOVE everything about this Boden dress,  the vibrant colors, and the shape and length. This is my all-time favorite style of dress because it works well for my hour glass figure. If you are not looking for a dress Boden also offers this same pattern in a shirt.

White long sleeved blouse with blue embroidery

This embroidered top would be great with shorts, pants and jeans. The crisp white and blue is a classic addition to your wardrobe. 

woman wearing a blue shirt and a blue and white skirt

You can never go wrong with a skirt, you an dress it up or down and I find they are also very comfortable. 

woman wearing a white embroidered dress

This dress is another of my favorite silhouettes, it is linen and the touch of color is perfect. You will have this piece for years to come. 

woman sitting in a chair wearing a white sweater embellished with crystals

Because everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives. 

Boden has so many beautiful things in their most recent collection to add a little color, sparkle or sophistication to your next Zoom call or date night in. 

Are you a Boden fan? What do you typically purchase from them? If you have an item that you love please share. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Woman wearing white blouse with blue embroidery