Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Love: Home Made Happy

I love blogs! I love the photos, the stories, the recipes, the ideas, the decorating, the book recommendations, the before and after projects, the travel and so many more things. Although I have been following blogs since 2008 and have an entire journal of about 400 blogs that I have either followed or read something on that I like; I couldn't  muster up the courage to start my own blog until this year. I finally decided to start my own blog to chronicle some of the same things that I love about all of the above so that my family and friends who are spread far and wide could see some of the things I am making, baking, reading and doing. In addition to all of those things,  I thought I might start a regular feature where I profile a blog that I love, either because I recently discovered it  or because I have loved it for a long time.

I recently found this blog Home Made Happy  from a link on Sugar City Journal a blog written by two sisters in law, who live across the ocean from one another and share their adventures and their projects. Check this one out too!

Home Made Happy is really a great blog because there are so many beautiful photos, ideas, recipes, and all sorts of things about life. Tricia the author, is the mother of 6 beautiful children, and let me tell you this woman seems like she can do it all. She home schools the children, runs a farm, a home, bakes, cooks, writes, makes really beautiful things, decorates and takes really wonderful photographs.

These are a few of the photos from the family home, and if you like white this is the place for you! I love the understated elegance of this house.

This is the After, check out the before photos.

Kitchen update
Great place to read.

Favorite Nook in the living room
New craft room. Fabulous!
All of the above photos are from Home Made Happy

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