Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Fireback in my Kitchen

In our kitchen we inherited a fireback, it is installed behind the stove, as a decorative back splash;  actually it is mounted on the wall with Superglue or Liquid Nails, or at least that is how I think it is being held up because it is cast iron and it weights a ton! I am sure that it will be an ordeal  to try to remove it without ending up with a HUGE hole in the drywall.

Although I think they are interesting and could be beautiful in the right setting, we are undecided if this is something we are going to keep.

After a little research I found out, for those that are interested, that cast iron firebacks date to the 1500's , and were used in the big fireplaces of the aristocracy, royalty and the church, often times depicting the family arms and shield's.

They actually served several purposes, radiating up to 50% more heat, protecting the back wall of the fireplace from deterioration and for decoration.

If you are interested in an antique fireback there are so many fabulous antique ones on the Internet, at Ruby Lane1stdibs, Beauchamp Antiques and  new ones using old designs at The Counrty Iron Foundry .

via Beauchamps Antiques

via Beauchamps Antiques

via Le Louvre Antiques

above 3 images via The Country Iron Foundry
I think the images and the patina on these firebacks are so beautiful, and could be used as art as well as in a fireplace. In fact, I have seen them in shelter magazines( no images that I can locate in my files, only in my mind) on stone walls of large houses in Europe.

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