Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is McDonald's the new Starbucks?

New and Improved!
I recently read that McDonald's is trying to update its image to entice you to come on in and stay awhile and maybe spend some more money while you are at it. They will be updating 600 of their 14,000 stores this year and spending 1 Billion dollars to do it. Bright yellow and red( in most cases) will be replaced with muted color tones and fireplaces, flat screen TVs, lounge chairs and free Wi Fi, all in the hopes of persuading you to sit back and relax.

 Is McDonald's the new Starbucks? I don't know. I think they have an uphill battle trying to change peoples perception from a fast food joint to a place to come and relax and spend the day working or chatting with friends and I think it will take more than revamping its furniture and updating the facade. At the same time I think Starbucks adding wine and hoping people will stop by for a drink is a little strange too. But what do I know?

Images via Chicago Tribune, USA Today and the Daily Mail

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