Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets! We have WHITE!!!

As I mentioned in the previous posts about the kitchen, after much research and speaking with Susan Serra of the blog, The Kitchen Designer, we maid the choice to have our cabinets painted.

In the begining of this project, I of course thought we could do it ourselves, as I have seen it done on many, many blogs and we did in the bathrooms of our previous house.  My husband had other ideas and he said no; (he did not want the hassle or the mess, or to take the time to do it) and Susan suggested professionals also. So we had professional painters come in and do the job.

In our case, the painters came in and removed all of the doors, and shelves and hardware and took them to be sprayed off site and then did  the rest of the cabinets in house. This process could have been very fast, but we chose to have the painters paint, and then before they reassembled the kitchen to have the floors sanded.

That process was a challenge to say the least, because everything, and I mean everything, had to be moved out of the downstairs of the house by a moving company and stored for a week and then all brought back in. It was like moving day!!! I hated every second of the process because I hate to pack, and to move. We had to empty all of the furniture pieces out, all the art had to be off the wall, and then we had to live in a hotel for a week.

But I digress, the cabinets came out exactly as I envisioned.  I love them and could not be more happy with my choice.

I will tell you that picking out the paint color was torture. I really do not have any patience with that sort of thing, but I did give it the old college try as they say. I dutifully visited Benjamin More, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot and Lowe's, and I brought home big samples, and little samples. I taped about 25 samples to the cabinets and did everything they suggest, look at it in different lights, different times of the day, etc. I have to be honest, half of the time I could not tell the difference between one sample and the other.

Finally at the 11th hour, as the painters were leaving for the day after priming the cabinets, I asked one of the older painters who had been painting for 50 years, which one I should choose. He spent about 10 minutes looking at the samples, telling me the merits of each color, which were too yellow, which were too white, and he settled in this color by Behr and I said fine. I love the color! It is believe it or not an off white, not white as it shows up in all of the photos. It is warm and bright. Perfect for my vision.

Kitchen cabinets with primer

1st coat of paint

1st coat of paint

In progress

Delivery of Doors and shelves

Door install

Finished Cabinets

Preview of the finished side one

Preview of the finished cabinets other side of island

It is so true what they say about the power of paint! It really can transform a space.

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