Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks USA

I know there are so many great causes to donate to, especially now with the flooding along the Mississippi, the earthquake in Japan, and the tornado's across America;  but today while watching the Today Show they profiled a charity ThanksUSA, that benefits the families of the US military by giving scholarship's to the children and spouses of active military.

This charity was formed in 2005 by two sisters Rachel(10) and Kelsi(8) and since then they have donated $6.5 million dollars and given 2,200 scholarships.

These are hard times, with the price of gas, the rising food prices, and the millions of people without jobs, but let us remember that at this time there are hundreds of thousands of military personnel who are deployed around the world in 150 countries. Their  families are home making the sacrifice right along with them. So this is a great way to thank them too!

There are so many groups that reach out to soldiers and their families, to include Any , Wounded Warrior Project, and many others.

Note: I have no affiliation to this group. I have relatives and friend's that have served and currently serve in the military and I see and hear everyday the toll it takes on them and their families.

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