Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to the Stone Yard!

Did I mention that  I have little patience with incompetence? Actually I have no patience for it!

It seems as if I go two steps forward and five miles back, today I phoned the stone yard to see where my stone was and they informed me that they accidentally sold my slabs. They did ship in some similar stone, but my sales person warned me that they were a little different than my original stone. That is an understatement. My slab was solid black, these new pieces look like soapstone, lots of grey marbling running through them, which was beautiful but not what I wanted.

How do you sell someones stone, when it has their name written on it? I was offered a lame apology, I think that is suppose to make me feel better but it doesn't, because now I am another 2 weeks behind schedule.

Miles and miles of granite...

nice but I wanted leather finish

Cool piece of stone

Close up of original stone Cambrian black leather finish

Another cool piece of granite

Wow! Not for me but interesting.

My stone that was given away.

Beautiful granite, looks like marble.
So now I am back at the stone yard looking for something else...and the saga continues. And to think I thought this was going to be easy, painted cabinets and new granite, I believe I could have gutted the kitchen and started over in the time it has taken to do these projects. Life, it gets in the way sometimes.

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