Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dream House Fixer Upper

Recently I read an article about a house in England that has no running water, no plumbing and very rudimentary electricity. They say the charm of the house is the view and of course the fact that the house has been untouched for over 100 years.

Manor House Grade II Listed via The Daily Mail

The house is for sale for 200,000 pounds and includes a separate barn and three acres of land. What do you think? I think I am in love! The view is spectacular and I am sure the house must have wonderful period details.

Interior kitchen via The Daily Mail

It is located in the Yorkshire Dales and is a four bedroom, farmhouse called Dandra Garth. I think with a lot of money and a great architect and structural engineer the place could be fabulous. I hope that the people who purchase this house keep the integrity and charm of the house intact.
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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Beautiful Yes, nightmare CERTAINTY. Grade II listed means you can do very little to it. This might include the possibility of installing services. Here are the basic rules:

    Listed building consent
    If a building is on the list, any building work will require 'listed building consent', according to the Planning Act 1990. This is obtained through the local planning authority. Even minor works, such as painting or simple repair work in some circumstances, falls under the scope of this act.

    The penalty for ignoring this act is up to a 12-month prison sentence or a fine to an unlimited amount, or both. Then you can be expected to carry out, at your own expense, further works to the listed building to remedy the impact of the unauthorised works.

    Permitted development rights are on the whole suspended from these buildings. Your local council conservation office should be your first port of call.



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