Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gallery Wall Inspiration and Finished Wall

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I love art and can spend hours in museums and reading books about artists and their paint techniques. I also love a beautiful gallery wall, I love to see all the bits and bobs that people collect or the pieces of art that speak to them. I love to see the quirky combinations and the cohesive collections.

Elle Decor

In the case of my own art interests they are varied, and since I will probably not own a Rembrandt, or a Monet or a Tintoretto or a beautiful Arcimboldo, I have found alternatives to these masters by purchasing pieces at galleries, eBay, friends, antique stores or while traveling.

Water Paintings

We moved to this house from Florida, and although our decor is traditional we did begin a collection of water paintings, no not water lilies, water paintings.

Water paintings

 In the past we had them in the master bath and in fact when we moved I gave away many of them away because I thought they would not go in our new house.

Gallery Hung

Piece on opposite wall

So after 4 years in this house I finally decided that I was tired of the art languishing in a closet and decided to hang some in the upstairs hall. I like the way they look! 

Close up of favorite piece

It is like seeing the faces of old friends because when I look at each painting I know where I purchased it, or what trip I bought it on or who I was with.

Another favorite
Do you have a gallery wall? 

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  1. I am just like you on this one Elizabeth and I love your collection!! We have a tendency to cover every inch of wall space and you are right, it is like visiting an old friend every time. I just have to remind myself to stop every once and a while and take it all in.

    Best wishes for a Happy 4th!

    Jeanne xx


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