Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let there be Light!

This is where the adventure began! This photo is the light fixture that was in the foyer and unfortunately there is a matching one in the dining room. Not only is this not my taste,  it weighs about 60 pounds  and is two stories high so if a bulb burns out you need scaffolding to change it.  Somewhat  of a challenge to say the least,  but after 4 years we were ready to have someone take it on just to get rid of this thing.

Foyer Before

Foyer lighting
 Like most people we want to personalize our home to suit our taste, so over the course of owning our home we have been slowly finding light fixtures to replace the existing builder grade ones that came with the house.

Two very tricky spots are the 2 storey foyer, and the second floor hallway outside of our library, where the fixture is over the stairs on a landing. Both of these spots are tricky to deal with and that is probably why it has taken 4 years, not only to find lights but also to find someone to hang them. Two other contractors said they would pass on the job. I wonder if the scaffolding had anything to do with this decision? Ha Ha.

We scheduled the electrician after we interviewed him so that he could see what he was in for, and we even gave him the chance to turn down the job, I think he would have if the economy was not so bad!

The electrician, was a really nice man, the only thing that concerned me was that he showed up with a 79 year old assistant, that was supposed to help assemble the scaffold and hang the lights. I could not believe it, the assistant was a tiny, wiry little man and quite frankly even though he was strong, he could not get this job done alone without serious damage to himself or to our house.  In the end, I recruited my husband and myself to get it done.

 To assemble the scaffolding and hang one light, then take down and reassemble again, and then hang another light took 4 1/2 house. I am happy it is done but I have to tell you I was scared to death, for the safety of these workers as well as myself and husband. Even thought the scaffolding was commercial grade it was so flimsy it swayed the entire time and you can see this little worker is not little.

In fact I really started to question our decision and his when we took the scaffolding out of the foyer and discovered that the reason the scaffolding was so rickety was because they had put the pins in the wrong spaces, it is reallyy a miracle that we are not all dead from that thing collapsing.

Front Door Scaffolding
 This is the light that we chose, it is an antique lantern from about the 1920-30's and it was nasty when we got it, I do not have any before photos because at the time we purchased it, I did not blog. After a little cleanup and rewiring it is now installed.

New Antique Garden Lantern

New Foyer Light
 I love it because it suits the foyer better than the modern fixture, and it hangs lower, so we can actually change the bulbs ourselves without getting some scafold. These are not very good photos but I did not want the workers to be distracted by my photos op.

Scaffolding balanced on Stairs to hang light that goes over the back stair case
 The second light is at the back of the house upstairs from the family room, it is a library and our home theater. This style suits the landing so much better than what was here before.

Before fixture, these are everywhere in the house or should I say were.

 Two lights down, about 15 more to go.

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  1. OOOOOOOh! Myyyyyyy! I'm glad things worked out. That tall scaffolding shot is scarey! But I love your new fixtures!


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