Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yale University Free Image Library

 Yale University has opened its museum archives, providing the public access to images of 250,00 of its 1.5 million plus collection.

Dress by Jerome Liebling

Woman on Horse by Robert Besanko

36 Pictures of the French Revolution

Jacob Bogdani

Study of Birds

Study of Flowers

Zebra by George Stubbs
Their collection includes paintings, photographs, pottery, silver, and documents, to name a few. While perusing the collection I found a few things that interested me and I think that you would too.

All images via Yale University.


  1. Amazing! There must be tons of fabulous stuff to check out here! Thanks for the info!

  2. very cool! I will have to take a peek

  3. Great to know Elizabeth! These are wonderful. I love your vignette above as well. So much fun to play :)

    Jeanne xxx


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