Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate Madeleine's and Tile Installation

Today our granite is being installed. I am excited and nervous because the granite was not my first choice, the other stuff we picked out was accidentally sold, and because there are a few problem areas, but at the end of the day the kitchen will be on the final stretch of being finished.

To do list (still):

1. Tile back splash, white subway, herringbone
2. Installation of cook top/ventilation
3. Installation of sink, faucet, and garbage disposal
4. Repainting kitchen, same color
5. Having cabinets touched up where they were damaged by granite installation
6. Decorate, art, etc.

French Madeleine's!

On side note, check out my Madeleine recipe on Once Upona Chocolate Life, it is really easy and they are so yummy!


  1. Hip hip hooray! so glad you loved it! Hello Elizabeth ~ chocolate madeleines? OMG, must make them! Much respect for managing more than one blog, wow!

    Sarah x

  2. Had to hop over
    and say hello, as
    I just happened to
    pull up your comment
    in the wee time I
    had between activities,
    today! Thank you for
    your kind words, former
    Midwesterner friend : )
    Can't wait to see your
    kitchen...sounds fantastic.
    As do the Madeleines!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: My daughter's name
    is Elizabeth : )

  3. How exciting to be getting your granite in! Hope the installation goes smoothly.
    I hope you get a chance to link up an e-mail with your blog so it's easier to respond to comments! Thanks for your kind comments at Red Hen Home.

  4. GOOD MORNING ELIZABETH!!! Black granite counters? I HAVE THEM and they are elegant! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY MY HOME! I shall check out your other blogs! Anita

  5. WOWOWO! You are awesome! Thanks again for coming to visit my home. We believe in CHOCOLATE TOO!!! Anita

  6. Oooh, you lucky thing haven't the granite installed. I'd love to have granite worktops one day. In the meantime, I will live vicariously though you!!!!

    I've signed up to follow your blog!


  7. Hi Elizabeth... Well I'm coming in part way on a renovation I expect but new granite countertops sounds good to me.. I'm renting at present so have to just dream about all these fab details being within my choices..

    Just looking back through your posts and love that little paris street scene picture.. so fab.. too bad the twin was damaged... I love all your seascapes too.. I'm a bit dotty over the sea.. and the moon.. and can't wait to have a wall filled with art as you have done..

    Have a great week.. and thanks for popping in my way and kind comments... ciao xxx Julie


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