Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I have been away this past week visiting my in-laws and my step kids in beautiful Missouri, and attending a family reunion. I had a fabulous time when I was not melting from the unbelievable heat, the day we arrived I believe it was over 100 and every other day it was in the high 90's. Then I arrived home to...98! To quote Dorthy who is from this neck of the woods, "there is no place like home." I am happy to be back in my own bed, and on my own schedule.

I had great plans to do some antiquing because there are so many great stores but as I am sure that you know when visiting family, ones time is not your own, there are always people to see and places to go. No matter, that is why I was there.

I also had great plans to show you wonderful photos of the rolling hills and beautiful fields of corn, and cows but any time I was where there was something wonderful to see, my camera was safely sitting on my bed back at my in-laws.

 If you have never been to St. Joseph it is an interesting place, it was the home of the Pony Express, the place where Jesse James was killed and also the headwaters for the migration to the West after the discovery of gold in California. There are many museums and beautiful old houses to see and visit.

Not to mention many antique malls and if you visit in the summer you can watch the Kansas City Chiefs at their training camp, which I believe starts next week for those that are NFL lovers and live close by.

I did manage to find time to visit one great antique store  in St.Joseph and another in Platte City and I will show you the photos of what I purchased tomorrow. It is a good thing that there was not enough time for me to shop because there were so many great things to buy I could have filled a truck, everything from a beautiful French glass and brass shelving unit to an old butcher block from a meat packing plant, to transfer ware to old packing crates/boxes for everything from chocolate to cheese to sardines!

My in-laws are great collectors of American antiques and they collect everything from Red wing pottery, to crocks( 150 and counting), to butter molds, to mortar and pestles, to white Ironstone and unbelievable furniture. Their collections are tasteful and interesting and every time I am with them I learn about something I did not know. I am blessed to have them in my life and very blessed to have been the recipient of a few beautiful pieces. It was a great treat to visit these stores with people who are so knowledgeable.

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