Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Tomato Pasta for Summer

my tomato harvest

Easy sauce

sprinkle with cheese

This is another easy summer tomato sauce. I would love to have said that I used my own tomatoes but alas I did not get very many in my harvest! Basically, I take olive oil drizzle it in a pan, add a couple cloves of chopped garlic until soft, then add the raw tomato's, cook down  a bit and add a splash of red wine, a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. When cooked to the consistency that you like, serve over hot pasta, sprinkle with cheese and a crusty bread!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

French Brocante! Annie Sloan Virginia Stocklist!

Great French glasses and Silver tray

Lots of French Decorating Books

Love this industrial cart

All the price tags are vintage photos, great touch.

Beautiful fabrics

While I was in Irvington, Va last week, I went to a cute old house which has been turned into a store called Brocante Home. This great store sells vintage and French style home goods, fabric, lighting and accessories. In addition, Rachel is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stock list for Virginia! Check out her blog for information on sales, new products, classes and to order your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

If you live in the area Rachel holds decorating classes, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint classes. I think they look like a lot of fun!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Let there be light!

via Jones and Company

We finally have power, although it was only 30 hours it seemed like days. Did you ever notice how many times you walk into a room and flip on the switch even when you know you do not have power? Do you know how dark pitch black is? I can tell you, it is black! I went outside last night to take our dog out and it is a little disconcerting, no make that a lot, when there is nothing but blackness! No stars, no moonlight, no light anywhere! I felt like my husband and I were the only people left on earth, certainly the only ones in our neighborhood. I think everyone else went to hotels!

Anyway, on to better things, waiting for the damage to be fixed! Going back to work.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene...

Hurricane Irene has caused havoc for 65 million people this weekend, and I am just one of them. Although we sustained some water damage to our kitchen eating nook and have now been without power for 24 hours I am so lucky and I thank God. There are 2.5 million people in Virginia without power, and that is the least of the problems, there was terrible flooding, loss of property and sadly loss of life.

We spent the day cleaning the debris from the yard and the water mess in the house, and then because we have no phone, tv, etc spent time cleaning closets and enjoying one another's company.

I am posting from my iPad, and writing by the light of a candle. I have an excellent book I am reading but I find the light of one candle a challenge. How in the heck did people do this on a daily basis?

I have to tell you that in the light of day you can weather a storm but when you have no power, and there is no light anywhere, not even a lightening bug, just pitch black outside, the storm takes on a life of it's own. I have never been so afraid in my life! Blackness everywhere as far as the eye can see, and that is not far, the roar of the wind, the groaning and the creaking of the rafters of the house and the lashing rain, makes for a long, long dark

In any case, I wanted to thank my family, friends and my wonderful blog friends for their prayers, support and calls. I could not have made it without you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patina Love, Rust, Chipped Paint and Old Antiques

These are a few photographs that I took on my trip to the Tides Inn. I love the patina and the ageing of these farm implements, the peeling paint of the door, the type on the sign, the cracking leather of the horses bridle and the rust on the tools.  I will say again what I have said before, old things have stories to tell. How many lawns have been mowed by how many young men with that rusty yellow push mower? Who read by the light of the old red lamp? How many families of birds were born in the bird house? I can imagine many a tales about all of these items in my mind, can you?

On a side note, we are bracing for the storm of the century here. It is a little scary and very uncertain because at this point the path of the storm continues to change. Irene will affect 65 million, yes million,  people up and down the East coast. Please keep all of us in your thoughts as we ride out or evacuate this storm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent finds from my Virginia Travels!

I thought I would show you a couple of photo's of the things I purchased last weekend while traveling through Virginia on my ways to the Tides Inn! Although I did see a lot of great things I tried to be selective because things are getting a little crowded in the house!

I told you I purchased two antique fishing creel baskets, which I love. You cannot really tell from the photos but there is a story to be told from these baskets. The patina, the water logged and starched leather handle to the rusty lock tell tales of long days fishing. There is a slot at the top to drop your catch in and supposedly this type also serves as a stool to sit on. I do not know too much about fishing accouterments as I have not done too much of it. I just liked them and knew I wanted to put them on this little wall between my family room and keeping room.

Another things I bought is this very old well bucket. It is so cool. A friend has a little one and I have been searching for one ever since I saw hers, finally I found one! It is pretty big and the handle is hand forged iron. This old bucket has a little wear where it connects to the bucket but it just gives it character. The bucket itself is heavy, so I cannot imagine having to lug that thing in and out of a well and then back and forth to my house to wash, do dished or even take a bath! That is a lot of work! This bucket was in a huge barn and it was the home to a big nasty spider, I do not know what kind but I call every spider that I see a brown recluse, thankfully the lady that owned the place killed it for me. Otherwise I do not think that bucket was getting into the car.

Lastly, I bought a few fishing floats. My mom has a very old one from our time living in Alaska, and they remind me of home and her. These actually were piled up inside of a chicken coop. Between the dirt and the huge spiders I had to rely on the owner of the place to pick me a couple of good ones.

 Once I cleaned them off they looked great. So that is all of my finds! I hope you liked them, I know that I do.

If you know anything about any of the above items let me know, I would love to hear more about them.

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