Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From the City Market: Candies and Cookies and Cakes, oh my!


This was my choice! Delicious!

These are a few photos from my favorite place to eat lunch, a light dinner or maybe even just a treat. The City Market is a restaurant that has been around forever and is walking distance from Lake Michigan as well as great shops and activities! I often go here when I am visiting the East side of Milwaukee and going to my favorite antique and consignment stores, where I spent way too much time this trip but I found some great things.

Is there anyone that doesn't like a delicious bowl of soup, or macaroni and cheese or a sandwich and then a delicious muffin or piece of cake? No one that I know, that is for sure. For the record I had the chocolate cake and it was scrumptious, it has a brownie like layer as the base and then a chocolate mouse/cheesecake layer on top. Very rich and delicious but definitely something to share!


  1. Yummo!!!! I love all these wonderful goodies. MY choice would have been your choice, chocolate!

  2. OMG Elizabeth. I could eat so much of that right now!

  3. HOW SPLENDID, Elizabeth!!! WHo could go wrong with chocolate, soup, consignment shops and THE LAKE????? LET's stretch the summer just a bit more....Anita

  4. Could you get me one of everything please, purely for research puposes you understand!

    Sarah x

  5. Those close ups have me drooling. Something about strawberries on a pie... I'm weak that way.

    corine @ Hidden in France


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