Monday, August 15, 2011

Milwaukee Architecture

I love Milwaukee and that is no secret, there are so many wonderful things here to do and see and one of the free activities,( and there are several) is to take in the architecture! There are countless, wonderful,  old structures with craftsmanship that we are not likely to see again in this lifetime,  as well as new and exciting architecture such as the Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava. So while you are walking around your city or mine, glance up, there are so many treats for the eyes you will be amazed!


  1. Dearest Elizabeth!

    I was out all day doing errands and I just had to come to thank you for your comments. I am so impressed that you have been TO SO MANY LOVELY PLACES IN THE WORLD!!!! Cotswolds, and then you are off to PARIS????? How wonderful!!! And look at the architecture here! I actually live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but Wisconsin is not that far! We too have incredible architecture here in the buildings and the homes. The quality of your photos shows the beautiful lines and crevices that remind me of some structures in Paris!

    THIS IS A TREAT!!! And welcome home, Anita

  2. I love looking up. What wonderful photographs !

  3. You are right. The architecture that you showed us is amazing. How beautiful and impressive. I have never been to Milwaukee, but now I have a sense of what an architecturally rich city it is. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you Elizabeth for your beautiful visit and comment. I am amazed with your travels, such amazement over here with everything you inspire!!

    I am going to enjoy my visits getting to know you much better :)

  5. Great shots Elizabeth! We could be twins...looking up from across the sea. Thanks so much for your comment...I would love to hear more about your experiences. :)

    Thinking of you in the Loire Valley...

    Jeanne xxx

  6. Beautiful photos Elizabeth. You could have taken these in any great city in the world. If you had told me you had taken them in Paris I would have believed you!
    Welcome back :-)


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