Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Milwaukee Consignment Favorites and Royal Staffordshire

I love consignments and antique stores, I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each piece, I love to imagine the history of where the items came from, who used them,etc. I have been going to these two stores for over 19 years and although I do not favor one over the other I often find more things to buy at one store more than the other.

Legacies is in Glendale, Wisconsin and in addition to their storefront they also hold estate sales. I will warn you, this store in crammed to the rafters! They recently expanded but it is sometimes a little challenging to get around the store because the treasures are EVERYWHERE! Think of a hoarder house on steroids, often the furniture is stacked two or three pieces high, there are stacks of art piled on the furniture, dishes on top of tables stacked above your head.  They add new stock I believe everyday and they take on consignments certain days of the week but I do not know the days , you would have to call. The store shares space with a lawn and garden place so parking is very limited, I think there are about 15 spaces for parking.

The store sells everything from antiques, lighting,  to fine art, to "new" gently used furniture, to outdoor items, including furniture to statuary. The prices can go anywhere from $5.00 to a $6,975.00 table and chairs.

Chattel Changers is in Milwaukee on Capitol drive, it is midway between Lake Michigan and The City Market, so if you shop too much you can go up the street to the City Market and have a snack, like the chocolate cake I featured yesterday. There is street parking on all around, and they have people to help carry your stuff out if you need it.

There are two levels to this store, the main level and the basement. I think the least priced pieces are down there. I am so excited because I purchased, 8, 6 piece place settings of Clarice Cliff Blue Staffordshire Tonquin Transfer ware, plus a serving platter and a serving bowl, for .....$90.00! There is no crazing, no cracks, no chips, nothing, it is all in perfect condition!


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. My fave kind of stores! You can find the most unique things in an antique store or a great consignment.
    Blessings always~

  2. Oh boy do those look like my kinda shops!! I'm dying to see how much those concrete lady statues are out front? *winks* I only wish I lived closer~! Vanna

  3. AND I THOUGHT that MINNEAPOLIS WAS GREAT!!! Oh these are a treasure for sure my friend. I have to say that a good part of my furniture is from consignment stores and I painted most of my pieces. I LOVE THEM!

    BRAVO! Anita

  4. I am from Wisconsin, so these pics were a delight from your posts! I also have The Sisters Mortland to read and The Recipe Club, waiting. I love Kohler and it has been way to long since I have stayed in the "big" house. I always love your perspective! Hope you have a glorious day! Blessings.

  5. Such great resources...and what a score on the blue of my favorite patterns of transferware...I only have two little plates. Wonderful when these pieces are released to be re-loved!


  6. These shops look so interesting. It is making me want to go antique shopping again. With the cooler weather coming i just might make a day of it.
    Thanks so much for commenting on my great room and all of your wonderful advice.




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