Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milwaukee...there's no place like Home!

I am back from my trip to Milwaukee and I had a fabulous time! The weather was perfect, between 72-78 everyday and beautiful balmy nights; I slept with the windows and doors opened and listened to the sounds of the night that I do not normally hear where I live. Some nights I heard trains off in the distance and imagined where they were going and what adventures their passengers were going on, or what goods were going where. Other nights I hears sirens and hoped that if they were an ambulance that the people were OK. But most nights I heard crickets and birds frolicking and lightening bugs dancing.

My room at my moms is on the second floor and there are wonderful views from all of the windows; I feel as if I am sleeping in the tree tops and I see the stars and the storm clouds and many nights the moon. The crisp smell of Fall was definitely in the the air!

Aside from work, I was there to help in the family business, I spent much needed time with my family. As I do not live near my family I love every minute that I can share with them.

On my first day there I saw and air and water show, a triathlon and visited some of my favorite places from childhood. Whew! There is always a lot going on here.

These are a few of the sights.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Lake Drive

Lake Michigan

Duck pond where I use to feed the ducks every Sunday after mass.

Geese getting ready for Winter

Light House

Air Show

People, people everywhere

More air show spectators

So true! (Painting done by my husband)



    Welcome home. How wonderful of you to share your time in MY NECK OF THE WOODS!!! We are hunkering down now for preparation back to school. What a fabulous summer....what plans do you have now? Anita

  2. So glad you had a great trip. I am on the other side of the Lake in Mi. Have taken the ferry to Wisconsin before, and have rode our motorcycles there before too. I think Wisconsin is such a pretty place.


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