Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patina Love, Rust, Chipped Paint and Old Antiques

These are a few photographs that I took on my trip to the Tides Inn. I love the patina and the ageing of these farm implements, the peeling paint of the door, the type on the sign, the cracking leather of the horses bridle and the rust on the tools.  I will say again what I have said before, old things have stories to tell. How many lawns have been mowed by how many young men with that rusty yellow push mower? Who read by the light of the old red lamp? How many families of birds were born in the bird house? I can imagine many a tales about all of these items in my mind, can you?

On a side note, we are bracing for the storm of the century here. It is a little scary and very uncertain because at this point the path of the storm continues to change. Irene will affect 65 million, yes million,  people up and down the East coast. Please keep all of us in your thoughts as we ride out or evacuate this storm.

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  1. Oh dear, first of all, my thoughts and prayers are with you...this has been an awful weather year for the world....please dearest, be safe! Oh, how this weather gets so dangerous.

    YOUR PHOTOS are stunning. How you manage, and how others do it, is beyond me. Is it my little coolpix that just doesn't respond or is it my eye?? have captured the time-worn patina to a TEE. I especially like the red door or plank...that is so gorgeous. Brace yourselves, be well, and thank you for your visit last night. Those little princesses I believe, in a circle? How fun would that be to dress up with friends and just have a fairy party.....



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