Monday, August 1, 2011

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore or I just like shells!

I love shells, and pick them up whenever I have the opportunity. These are a few shells that I have collected over many years from various parts of Florida, some urchins my husband brought home from South Africa, shells from Aruba, Virginia and wherever. I actually call my shells, "treasures from the sea", and each time I find one I am sure that it was there just for me to find and enjoy!

This little vignette is at the top of my stairs(on a table that I just found and finished, that is a story for another day though) and also showcases my little wooden float that I picked up at a fabulous antique store in Platte City, Missouri. The store is called W.D Pickers and is just off highway 29 if you are in the area. Some of the booths are a little pricey but there are some deals to be had, and there are so many interesting finds here.

I wonder where these floats have been, what miles have they traveled? Who used these floats, was this their livelihood? Or were they used just for casual fishing? I am sure that they have their tales to tell. As I write this I can imagine them bobbing in the ocean seeing things that maybe we will never see; a humpback whale frolicking with its friend, perhaps the migration of some turtles, or even some sea junk floating past or a container from a ship that fell overboard in a storm? Who knows?

Brown wooden float

Floats, shells, paintings

Close up

So many textures

Oddly enough, after I brought this little float home and pondered where to put it I remembered this bowl of shells in another room, and this tiny glass float and then put them all together. I love how these items from the sea marry up with my gallery wall of water paintings. Sometimes things just come together.

With this being the 1st of August there are not many more days to enjoy summer at the sea! Get out there and enjoy! I am speaking to myself too because I live about five minutes from the Atlantic Ocean I have not been once this summer. It is just too darn hot!

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  1. Hello sweet girl!

    YOU TOO? I have bowls around the house filled with shells, and I love how my displays tie into my French décor. YOUR PHOTOS are marvelous! Your close ups are so beautiful and vivid! I have a special shell that obviously was artificially colored, but it is an aqua that I so love.

    Here where I live, we are having SO MUCH RAIN! I hope your weather is cooperating and allowing you to go to the beach and enjoy.

    Have a lovely day! Anita

  2. Bonjour chère Elizabeth!

    Oh dearest, what a pleasure it is to read your kind comment! Well dear, I am not published, but I dream of being. I feel as if I am in stages. I was a bit overwhelmed this past Friday, as Fridays are the days I post, NO MATTER WHAT. But after having been filling myself with good education on writing and how to write poetry (my desire), I felt compelled to try to use my new found tools. But to my dismay, I felt so UNABLE to use them. BUT, I made peace with myself and I may have already mentioned this....but when I practice, it will be in a separate journal of blog, I wish to keep the same, using my natural flow of writing. However, I hope that as I practice that I will be able to incorporate one step at a time, my new abilities. THANK YOU SO MUCH...I cannot tell you how much it means to me to ask if I am published. I also live with my husband, whose talents exceed my understanding, and sometimes I feel that all I will ever be is his artist....but his writing style is different from mine and I have to KNOW THAT. I have learned to categorize everything I do to be at peace. First of all I:

    read to fill myself with knowledge.
    discuss with like-minded people to hash out ideas.
    write to become exact in my ideas. - paraphrased from Sir Francis Bacon!

    So thank you again for your encouragement! I appreciate you looking at my other work for this week's post is all borrowed work from a much admired poet....sending you greetings and love! Anita

  3. Your shells are perfect. I'm moments from the sea here in Brittany, but heats not a problem! Beautiful and inspiring photos.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Happy Monday dearest!
    I love the little blue glass float, such a beautiful aquamarine!

  5. Such an interesting wood float! I love the glass ones too. They look lovely with your shells!

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I love all your sea shells! And I am also very close to the beach here in Los Angeles. I need to go since it is already August 1 and like you have not been there yet. Love the mystique and lore of sea shells. I used to collect them when I lived in Florida as a little girl. Happy summer!

  7. Your photos are totally amazing. I love them. The shells are stunning and a beautiful vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Great photos Elizabeth! You captured so much texture in your shell shots.
    5 minutes from the Atlantic? Wow Get out there and swim, it's een so warm and delightful and the water has been clear as a bell here in New Jersey.
    Eileen @ CBH

  9. Loved loved loved.

    Such beautifully set.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  10. Hi, Elizabeth!'ve been to Platte City???!?!?! I live in the Kansas City, Mo. area, and it is just rare to hear that someone actually visited Platte City! Did you see the famous Platte City water tower? It's kind of a landmark around here. Beautiful shells of so many varieties! Gorgeous vignette!


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