Thursday, September 29, 2011

Milwaukee House For Sale: House Love

I love to look at houses that are for sale, I peruse The English Home magazine for the perfect place in the Cotswold's, or a small cottage on a Loch in Scotland(which is my dream), or attend charity open houses, and the idea houses from Country Living, or Southern Living. I simply cannot get enough of the architecture, the moldings, the design, the layouts, the gardens, the art and of course the furnishings.

When I was in Milwaukee recently perusing my favorite area, and driving on my favorite street, Lake Shore Drive, which runs through Milwaukee, Bayside, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay and Riverside and Mequon, this house was for sale.

The gardens and the houses are so beautiful, they remind me of a manor house in England. If you are interested the house is 11,544 sq feet and has 8 bedrooms and 6.5 baths.

This house sits across from some other stunning mansions that are on a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan. Many of these mansions go up for sale and have not been updated in many years, unfortunately the costs of updating the electric, the heating, the air conditioning( usually non existent), the kitchens, the baths, etc are cost prohibitive, so unfortunately little pieces of the history of Milwaukee are torn down. 


  1. How sad that these beauties get torn down!
    This one is gorgeous, Elizabeth.
    So you fantasy house hunt in the English magazines too? ;)

    A lovely weekend to you! (With sunshine)...
    - Irina

  2. Yes, I'll definitely take it, please!!!

    It would be an outrage if this was torn down. I feel I have to buy it now to save it!!!!


  3. Elizabeth...I know that feeling, it just breaks your heart to see houses like this fall in grace. I hope someone picks it up and breathes new life into it.

    Speaking of fabulous places...I received the most wonderful book in the mail today!! You are so very very kind and I could not think of a better book to have by my side as I reminisce over the chateaus of the Loire Valley.

    Thank you, thank you!!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Elizabeth!

    Jeanne xxx

  4. Looks so grand! I love the gates, they make it seem very mysterious. Have a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful home. It is unfortunate that it doesn't stand as majestic today as it did years ago. If I only had the cash, I'd love to take on a project house like this one!


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