Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Weekend! Happy Birthday Jeanne from Collage of Life!

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.  ~Salvador Dali

Happy Birthday to Jeanne from Collage of Life!!!! If you have never been to visit her 5 blogs hop over there and take a look. Jeanne is an expat living in England documenting her life in beautiful photographs and thought provoking posts.

A favor: Jeanne's wish for her birthday is to reach 500 followers, please go over to Collage of Life and join, she only needs 2 more people to reach her goal!


  1. I will go do it right now. I love her blog! or I should say blogs! Have a great weekend!


    I must go visit this fine lady....500 followers, that is a great achievement!!! I must go find her. And happy weekend to YOU DEAREST! Anita

  3. OH I REMEMBER HER!!! I REMEMBER THE MANNEQUINS!!! THANK YOU for redirecting me to her! I so wish I had more time to follow EVERYONE!!!!! THere are so many beautiful people out here....LOVE TO YOU PRECIOUS! Anita

  4. Hello there precious....I will never forget what I makes me weep at this very moment to remember a particular man jumping to his eternity from one of the towers...he had no choice....let us live on....Anita

  5. Elizabeth,
    As Oscar Wilde once said "Let's celebrate, it must be somebody's Birthday". One of my all time favourite sayings, so today I will celebrate Jeanne's Birthday.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear! :-)

  6. You sweet thing!! I feel like it is my birthday all over again...what a way to start a weekend! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart Elizabeth!

    Jeanne xxx


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