Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Images! Happy Weekend.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend! We have family in from out of town so I am sure that we will do a lot of cooking, eating, shopping and having fun.

Today was the first day the weather felt like Fall, yesterday it was in the 90's but this morning the air is crisp, someone has a fire in the fireplace and there is a pile of leaves under a tree in my back yard.

 I think I will break out my cashmere and I know I will get some pumpkins and gourds today at the store. Is there anything happier that a pumpkin? The promise of a savory or sweet something to eat or at least a ride to the ball!



  1. Do you know how wonderful this sounds to any of us here in Texas? We are still HOT. Say a prayer for rain for us. Love this post! xx's

  2. Oh! WOW, you make autumn sound wonderful. I can smell it mmmmmmm.

  3. Precious....I am having a hard time keeping up with is intense at the moment and I thank you for this sweet reminder to not overlook the beauty that is coming just around the corner!!! Anita

  4. I am actually really enjoying our new fall like weather (it has just changed literally in the last few days) I love fall weather but am not a winter person, but could live with fall year round...crisp mornings, comfort foods, foliage, its all good!


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