Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living Room Redesign


Talk about design challenge, this room has two windows, two sets of French doors, and two huge openings flanked with columns. There is one wall with nothing on it, but it is short(Armoire is placed there). The only long wall has the two windows. This rooms had been moved around so many times, for awhile every time my husband came home from work the room was different. Now, just so you do not think I am a complete nut, I did change it and then try to live with it, for a bit, but something always seemed off. Until now. Finally I think this is the way it will stay. Although I love the look of neutrals, and burlap, I was going for something more like an English library and more traditional, as that is the style of our home. Oddly enough when we came to look at this house the only piece of furniture in this room was a grand piano.

Top painting from Brazil, bottom from England

Top painting from Russia, bottom from England, same artist as the other but a different year.

Marble lamp, small oil, feathers and quills, and books

Bird Feather, and porcupine quills my husband brought home from Africa

Old family books, and a jade pot

Antique Chinese wedding chest

Antique floats from my trip to Irrvington, VA
One old violin from my husbands family, one from mine and a third to complete the pair. One of the violin's has mother of pearl inlay on the reverse.


  1. ELIZABETH! I feel so at home chez toi! IT IS SO GREAT TO SEE YOUR LOVELY HOME! I really love the two sets of French doors, the columns and the violins...oh my, this is wonderful! AND I MADE IT TONIGHT before I go to bed. Thank you for inviting us here into your home.

    Well, here I go to relax and dream of yet another vacation so I can enjoy more creativity and think about how I will decorate my home.

    I wish I could meet you...you are such a wonderful friend.

    GOOD NIGHT! Anita

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    Oh, I see precious Anita was your first visitor!
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home!! So tasteful, warm, and lovely. I love the details and the art. There are violinists in the family?? This is my family's profession! Do you play?

    I want to thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed Paris. The fountain, and the entire park actually, is one of my absolute favorites as well. How wonderful that you get to see it so often!
    You are SO generous to offer to bring something back!! :) That is very sweet of you. I think some fabulous photos and memories to share with us would be divine!

    Thank you again, dear Elizabeth, and Bonne Journee!

  3. Dear Elizabeth,
    Your home is divine. So warm and welcoming. You have a wonderful flair for design. Who plays the
    ukulele? I am looking forward to seeing what you put on your sidebar. :)

  4. WONDERFUL!! Love all your colours, and details. A beautiful home Elizabeth!

    Jeanne xx


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