Friday, September 2, 2011

More Antiques and Adventures in Virginia

On my way home from the Tides Inn, although I was in a hurry to make it to the kennel to get my dog, I managed to stop at a few interesting places.

All of the above photos are from a huge antique property, I cannot even call it an antique store, there was a house, a huge barn, 8 little out buildings, a chicken coop filled with antique fishing floats, a little barn filled floor to ceiling with chairs, and another couple of buildings. Now I will tell you that I went through this place at record speed because clearly I have seen too many scary movies in my lifetime, I was a little afraid there. I was the only person shopping on this huge piece of property and no one knew I was there, except for the sales lady.

 As I was walking in this cavernous dark barn searching for treasures, and believe me I saw many, I realized that my phone was in  the car, no one knew I was here and between the dark and the spiders my imagination went into overdrive. Anyway, I did buy the three floats I showed last week, and my fabulous well bucket here. I would love to go back but I have to go with someone. Treasure hunting is always more fun when you have someone to share it with and when you are not afraid that you are going to be locked into a barn.

These are the treasures I did get from here.

I hope you have a happy weekend. Be safe if you are in Louisiana, or in any way in danger from the flooding caused by the tropical storm churning in the Gulf. Water is a dangerous thing, don't take any chances.


  1. Oh Elizabeth,
    I would love the chance to go there with you! That is my kind of heaven. You clearly have been watching too many horror films, I love that your imagination ran away with you! :-)
    When can we go?

  2. Good morning darling friend!!!

    Don't you just LOVE a good find???? I am out today on my way to do some shopping, and I hope to stop into one of my favorite shops to see what I can find before SCHOOL STARTS!

    Sending much love to you, Anita

  3. Looks like you found the type of antique store most us only dream of finding! I do agree it would be a little scary to br there alone - but based on the pictures it looks fabulous.

  4. Good morning my dear friend,

    I kept that fabulous poem you sent me last week, and will look at it once more tonight to help me remember my role as an educator. I do love my job. After a summer of concentrating on my own literacy skills, I am excited to share my love for reading and writing and French with my students. LOVE is the way to pepper everything you do in order to effectively share it with others. The strategies and lessons are a lot better seasoned with an enthusiasm that will most likely last a lifetime.

    THANK YOU for you kindness and sweet friendship over the summer. I look forward to sharing the HOLIDAY fun with you and all the other kind ladies in blogland!!!!!


  5. Elizabeth,
    Sounds like a real treasure hunt... you are so funny, that your imagination went into overdrive. ha! I love the old boxes.
    Blessings and hugs~


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