Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maeve Binchy, Kate Morton, Cecelia Ahern and More Great Reading

I have been meaning to post about these summer reads but I guess summer and time got away from me. In any case, some of them are great books so I thought I would post anyway and perhaps now these books can entertain you this Fall.

1. Maeve Binchy, Light a Penny Candle: This book has it all, war, peace, love, hate, divorce, marriage, birth, death, and much more. It follows the lives of two women who meet when Elizabeth is sent from London during the  war  to a small town in Ireland to keep her safe, where she meets Aisling who becomes her best friend in life. Like all Binchy books you will be so taken in that you cannot put the book down.

2. Sarah Turnbull, Almost French: I loved this book, it was funny, entertaining, light and a fun read. Sarah is an Australian journalist who meets Frederic while traveling in Bucharest. He invites her to visit him in Paris and she takes him up on the offer. The rest is history as they say, and the readers are treated to life in Paris. The real Paris...what it's like to fit in with your French boyfriends reserved friends, the sophisticated dress of the Parisians compared to the authors laid back Aussie style, and the food. I love when they move from just outside of Paris to an apartment in the city center where the Marais, the Tuileries gardens, the Louvre and the Left Bank are all within walking distance and there are all sorts of local characters and the neighborhood is full of colorful adventures.

3. Emily Listfield, Acts of Love: This is a book about a dysfunctional family to say the least. Ted and Ann  Warring who are getting a divorce. Ted visits Ann one last time to try to reconcile and ends up shooting her...the only witness is their 13 year old daughter who claims it was murder. This book pits sister against sister and friends, family and an entire town against one another. I did not really like this book, too depressing and way too much going on for my taste.

4. Kate Morton, the Forgotten Garden: A little girl is found abandoned on a ship headed for Australia, after being taken in and raised by the dock master and his wife she learns on her 21st birthday that they are not her parents. Nell leaves Australia and travels to the Cornish coast to Blackhurst manor to find the secrets of her life. Unfortunately it is not until her granddaughter Cassandra take up the search for Nell's past that all sorts of secrets are unraveled. I love this book, it is full of mystery, family, romance, intrigue. It is a great read.

5. The Book of Tomorrow, Cecelia Ahern. This book was left by some guests who thought it was an amusing beach read. It is chick lit, and a fast read. The book is about a young girl from a wealthy family who's life is turned upside down when her dad dies and leave her and her mother with a mountain of debt. They end up in a small English village living with her eccentric aunt and uncle and that is where the story takes an interesting turn. The mother is pretty much out of the picture for most of the book because she is depressed and is languishing in bed. Tamara the young girl is left to her own devices; she meets a young man who runs the local library, or bookmobile I should say, and it is here that she finds a magical book that basically writes the future and helps Tamara to learn about her past.


  1. Oh how I long to read again! I can barely sit down to eat like a civilized person! I eat on the run, in front of the computer and read LABELS....just to READ!!!!!


  2. I loved this post ELizabeth...great suggestions! I think I will hold on Acts of Love but the others are right up my alley. I read 'Almost French' a few years ago and it set me on a new course, reading lots of travel literature. Have you read any of Alice Steinbachs? I may have mentioned them to you before... Without Reservations and Educating Alice. I enjoyed both.

    I am so exicted to read the book you sent my way!!



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