Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ralph Lauren Fall

Does anyone do traditional, fall looking, warm and homey decorating better than Ralph Lauren? 

I love the look and the feel and the "lifestyle: that Ralph Lauren evokes in his design and photos, there are some images of his Fall line. 

Check them out and see what you think. This collection is called Brookfield,  I could live here! What about you?

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! Enjoy your family and Friends, that is what life is all about!



  1. What a great way for me to exit my computer with this wonderful post with images that really speak the dearest, take care of yourself, get some tea and sit and relax....i will be thinking of you....Anita

  2. No one does it better than Ralph Lauren! I can imagine curling up in that sofa and watching a fire in the fireplace.

  3. Elizabeth, Forgot to mention I am now following.

  4. Oh how I love these rooms, and sweet one, thank you for your visit and kind encouragement! I wonder where all this is going to actually go! Well, this could be a new adventure I was not looking for, just like teaching turned out to be, for I never thought of being a teacher until I was encouraged to do so, and so I did! May today bring you healing comfort and take care of your leg my dear!!! Anita

  5. I absolutely
    adore this and
    could plop right
    down in that L-R
    and feel right
    at home! Thanks
    for the reminder
    to check out RL's
    fall line; it always
    inspires me!
    xx Suzanne

  6. I love Ralph Lauren, His style in home decor and fashion and some great fragrances too.


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