Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art for everyone: 20x200, Art Brokerage and Ebay

Original art is for everyone, contrary to popular belief. There are many great places to purchase  inexpensive, original art, either from flea markets, thrift stores, art galleries and of course the Internet and eBay.

I personally love eBay, I do not think it is nearly as good as it used to be; in the past there were more individual sellers and not so many companies, but I guess now it maybe trying to compete with Amazon and that the artists have moved over to Etsy. In any case, if you take the time, you can find beautiful art on eBay.

You can also purchase from 20x200 which is a great site that was founded by Jen Bekman a gallery owner who decided that there were many artists, and many buyers that perhaps did not know how to find one another so she came up with the idea of "limited editions x low prices + Internet = art for everyone" offering 200 limited editions at $20.00. I have purchased a few pieces from her also, I love the service and I love the art.

Or from, which is a really fantastic site, this is an online auction site for the sale of Fine Art, anyone from Chagall to Jeff Koons to Damien Hirst to Banksy and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I have not purchased anything from here although I love to look. I think that just brousing this site allows you to see so many different kinds of art on one site that you would not normall see together. It is great for research and education, and of course to dream.

If you could have any piece of art in the world, price is not a problem which would it be? I think I would love an Arcimboldo, or perhaps a Tinterretto, or maybe even a Fragonard. Oh the possibilities are endless when one is dreaming.

When I want to purchase art from the actual artist, on eBay,  I look under self-representing artists. You will have to take the time to scroll a lot of art to find a diamond in the rough. Recently, my friend Diane, from Yonks has been profiling Self-Representing artists on Ebay.UK. You can check out her blog Yonks for some great artists.

These are a few pieces that I purchased in the past.

California Artist L. Falge Purchased 2004

I have several paintings by this artist, Lisa Russo, 2003. The other paintings are black and white landscapes.

Bottom piece, the top is a Fine Art piece from Brazil

Bottom abstract from England on ebay, the 1910 Impressionist piece above it is from Russia

The above abstract is one of many pieces that I have purchased from this artist. He is from England and mainly paints mini images for doll houses. This abstract and another were some of the first pieces that he did, some of his other pieces that I have are landscapes.

Recently, I bought a really fun piece from Kerry Molfesis, in England.  It is a life like rendition of a sheep. I think it may be one of my favorites. Many of her paintings are of animals, there is one of a pack of hounds that is amazing. Kerry is represented at The Recessionists in the UK, here is a link to some of her work.

 I would love to see some of the art that everyone else is doing themselves or that they are purchasing. If you have a special piece send me a link, I would love to see it.


  1. Elizabeth,
    Well look at what you did here. You are such a peach. You have also reminded me that I haven't done a self-representing artist post in a while and that is on my to-do list.

    How lucky was I when I came across you. I can't remember who found who first, but I think we are both better people for it. The fates of fortune brought you to me.
    Bless you!

  2. What a fantastic
    post. I would love
    to own some original
    pieces! My daughter
    is a budding artist
    and hopes to pursue
    her art in college,
    so my only "originals"
    at the moment are from
    her. I'll look forward
    to visiting the sites
    that you've recommended.
    I love all of your pieces!
    xx Suzanne

  3. I love the sheep! I like art the best when I can identify the subject. I don't like to have to guess what it is I'm looking at. I can definitely identify the sheep!

  4. Unfortunately...or maybe...fortunately I don't have any photos of the paintings I attempt! But I have an answer to your question about what piece of art would you have if money were not an object?

    Ans: A Stubbs - I think, I love horses and that would be just wonderful to own an original by him. (Probably the 'A Horse Frightened by a Lion' painting)

    I like the sheep painting, I would totally have that in my house - maybe I will attempt mimicking it...

    Lizzy x

  5. SWEET FRIEND!!!!!!!!These are stunning and marvelous. THAT BLUE!

    Dear one, my email is no longer accessible for me. Google Apps took over, but left a HUGE GLITCH for me and so IF you have emailed me and I have not responded, that is is going to be a while until it gets fixed!!!!!! I FEEL SO CUT OFF!

    HUGS TO YOU, Anita

  6. Oh, I love the sheep painting. Would love to see the hounds painting. Do you have the link?

    I love your pansy painting, too. Reminds me that I need to plant some soon.

  7. Hello from Australia!

    I enjoyed your entry about original artworks. Thank you for all the great links. I love home decorating and I am an artist too. If you would like to look at some of my work you can see some pictures on my blog: . If I could choose to own an original by a famous artist it would have to be Renoir's 'Luncheon of the boating party'!! I can dream, can't I? God bless x


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