Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogs on Fire Award!

Yesterday I received a Blogs on Fire Award from Dianne at Yonks! I am honored that such a prolific writer and wonderful person gave me this award. I love reading Yonks and am in awe of her talent and the the colorful life that she has led. For those of you that do not know Dianne, she is the mother of one, happily married, former Colorado resident, who lives on a sailboat in Cardiff, Wales and runs an incredibly successful Etsy store. In addition to that she continually writes an interesting and intriguing blog, she profiles Self-Representing artists, she offers readers wonderful tidbits of history, most often of some of the offerings from her store and historical figures,and so much more! Thank you Dianne, I am honored to be in your company!

The rules of the award are to tell five facts about yourself and then to present the award to 5 blogs.

Here are my facts:

1. I have a Bachelors, a Masters and two years under my belt toward a Doctorate, in International Relations. My thesis and concentration of study was Chemical and Biological Weapons. I also studied Egyptology( thought I might be an archeologist), and have a certificate in the study of Holocaust Literature.

2. I dream of living in Scotland! Why? I have no idea except that the first time and every other time I have been there I "feel" like I am home, and have an overwhelming sense of peace there. Strange I know but true. Perhaps I lived there in a past life?

3. I have spent the last 20 something years traveling back and forth to France, most often Paris, for long stretches at a time and I do not speak French, unless I have too, not even to my friends of 20 years! I am insecure and do not like to be corrected or have people stare blankly at me if they do not understand! My husband gets so irritated that he is learning French so that he can do the talking.

4. Although I often speak of my love of hot chocolate and have gained a reputation of a Chocoholic, I rarely, if ever eat chocolate in any other form, not candy bars, not cake, not brownies. Although I love to bake with it and give it away.

5. I do not eat meat (except the occasional hamburger), chicken or any seafood. I lived in Alaska for two years when I was younger and our field trip was to watch the spawning of the salmon. Perhaps that tainted me? As for meat and chicken, I do not like the texture of it and have not eaten it for over 20 years. Weird but true.

Now for the Blogs on Fire Award recipients!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages:

Anita is such a beautiful and gentle soul. I love to visit her blog to read her inspirational and thought provoking writing coupled with her stirring images which are perfectly matched to the written word, and accompanying music. In addition to being a beautiful writer and person, she is a Renaissance Woman as far as I am concerned, and her tenacity and will is not to be matched. Anita is a self taught harpist, she went to school and earned a degree in French at the age of 34 and is now an Immersion Teacher, and she is a very talented artist and writer as well. Recently, in addition to her blog, and her teaching duties and writing, she opened up an Etsy store to sell her wonderful drawings, little theatres and magical creations.

The Enchanted Home:

This beautiful blog is written by Tina, and not only does she chronicle her adventures in building her dream house, which I might add is like watching fine artisans and craftsman build "The Breakers", or an English Manor House, she uses her blogging influence and readership to highlight other blogs in a weekly series. The readers of this beautiful and informative blog are transported every time they read this blog, Tina has an considerable archive of wonderful rooms and she shares them all with her readers! We all get to share in the building, and decorating of a wonderful family home and hopefully soon Tina's new business ventures!

Witty and Wise

Irina is the writer of this and two other blogs, and all are beautiful, magical and they speak to your soul. I found her through Anita and I love reading her beautiful, thoughtful and heartfelt posts. Her images mirror her thoughts and it is a feast for the senses whenever she posts. She is a beautiful soul and from what I have surmised from her posts and comments a wonderful friend and gifted writer.

Content in a Cottage

Rosemary offers often more than once a day a beautiful, cute or thought provoking image. The offerings are anything from a cute pup, to a beautiful English cottage, or a wonderful landscape  and most recently several photos from her new IPhone. I love coming to visit this blog because there is always something to make me smile and to ponder about where she finds so many delightful images!

Collage of Life

Jeanne is the writer of this and several other blogs, and they are all beautiful. She is an incredibly talented photographer and writer and uses these talents to share her life in England, (by way of Australia by way of the East Coast of the US) interesting adventures in London and abroad, snippets about her children, wonderful books and more. Each time I visit one of her blogs I feel as if I am walking along side her snapping of photos of an English garden or Brocante Sale, or off on a wonderful adventure to London, or sharing a cup of tea, reading one of the many books that she speaks about. I also love the fact that Jeanne is filled with wonderful suggestions for dressing and being comfortable, looking stylish and being yourself!

If you do not know these blogs I urge you to check all of them out, I promise you will not be disappointed!


  1. Wow Elizabeth I am as floored for receiving this award amongst such an esteemed group of woman as I am by your five facts! Thank you and I do accept!!
    So sweet of you and I am humbled by what you had to say....many m any thanks.
    I loved reading about you, I am a chocoholic but sadly do engage in eating real chocolate bars not just using them on occasion to bake with (how I wish that was it) haha.
    I am fascinated by your educational background.utterly fascinating. I am hoping to go back to school myself as my interests have so expanded, would love to take political science courses and art history. Always had intentions of going to law school but the older I get the more I realize its very unlikely to happen:(
    So share your love of Paris and all things French...funny what you said about not liking to be corrected (ME TOO)!!!!
    Anyway, I will acknowledge this wonderful award in the next few days..many thanks again and congrats to the others, a few I know and the others I will check out:)
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful tribute. I am truly honoured to be in your company and to learn more about you and how much we have in common. I too have a passion for Egyptology and at one time thought about archaeology as a future. I did not pursue it like you though and admire your commitment to education, I was never static enough unfortunately!

    Another meeting of our minds is with regard to Scotland. I think I found the source of my passion as I was hypnotically regressed some years ago and learnt that in a previous life my name was George and I was a butler in Scotland in the 1920s - who knew. Just another madness of mine. I am sure we will meet up next year, even if I have to drive to Scotland which is a great excuse to go there! Until then dear friend, we will keep in touch and share experiences.

    With much love and admiration.

  3. Eliazabeth...I am sitting her at 1:30AM...I know...up way to late, darn that blogging course! But more importantly...I am more amzed by you and all that you have accomplished over the years. What an amazing woman YOU are!! You are so sweet and so kind to pass along such a thoughtful award.
    I truly am very touched and am delighted to read about all these other lovely bloggers, many whom I have had the pleasure of visiting. So once again, I thank you so very kindly and with that I say good night. :)

    I will catch up soon on our blogging course...I hope to get into it over the weekend and I owe you a nice long response to your letter!!

    Jeanne xxx


    This is such a beautifully written tribute and I am honored to be among my dear friends and sisters:

    IRINA who happens to be my dear and best friend here in our town
    And all the other lovely ladies here!!!! I MUST TELL IRINA TO COME QUICKLY!

    Oh dear one, I have learned much about you tonight!!!! I do eat chicken, but not red meat as well. I do not eat chocolate bars either, but the only way I get my share of this favorite is through ANGELINA and cocoa powder daily in my yogurt! We try to be "healthy" while feeding the chocolate need!

    MERCI MILLE FOIS MON AMIE, and I did not know that Dianne lived in Colorado! I wonder then, he she an American living in Wales???

    Well, I must run to see if Irina is up still and let her know that you have blessed us so with such honors! HAPPY THURSDAY EVENING MY DEAR!!!! Anita

  5. Elizabeth, WOW!

    Here I am, up late, catching up on e-mails and blogland, and I see sweet Anita's message to come on over QUICKLY!! :))
    I am just so honored, THANK YOU, dear Elizabeth!
    Thank you for thinking of me, and for putting me in the category of these amazing women...I am humbled.
    You are such a kind soul, and getting to know more of these wonderful facets of who you are is such a treat..thank you!
    How fantastic that you went on for a masters and even toward a PhD. You are an inspiration.
    I, too, was an Int. Rel. major, specializing in Environmental Studies. Alas, my dream was to travel, although for fun, not business. But I think that this field of study broadened my views on just about everything, so for that I am grateful.
    And can you believe, my daughter dreams of becoming an archaeologist?! And this was Dianne's too?

    I am just so fascinated by the breadth of your knowledge and interests.
    You, my dear, are a chocolate purist and connoisseur, n'est-ce pas? I wish I had that sophistication. I will eat many things with chocolate (no milk chocolate, though), and thanks to your magnificent pumpkin hot choco., now white chocolate too!

    Again, I thank you with all of my heart, and please forgive my late night writing if I sound a tad incoherent:)

    I, too, will say Merci Mille Fois!

    And I wish you a beautiful weekend..I will be posting and forwarding the award in the next couple of days..

    Hugs to you kind friend,
    - Irina

  6. Just coming by my dearest.....I am home sick today, but enjoying being in the presence of my beloved friends....enjoy your day,and thank you for this fabulous accolade in such fine company....Anita


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