Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caulk, Paint, Drywall and Life...

It has been a crazy three weeks here, I feel like I have acquired some new family members. The painters and contractors arrive at 7:30 am and do not leave until about 6:00. Lucky for me they have been doing much of their work on the front of the house, right outside my office window (said with tongue in cheek). I have developed a new appreciation for music I do not normally listen too, as well as, learned all sorts of useful information about caulking, and painting.

How not to caulk!

Unfortunately for us, whoever did this was an inexperienced idiot. The caulk is not the sort of caulk for outside, it cannot be painted and last but not least it is between 3/4 to 1 inch thick. I guess the good thing is that now we know and it is all getting fixed.

Inside the house the ceiling is being fixed...AGAIN!  I think by the weekend we will be able to eat in the breakfast/keeping room again. Finally, the roof above this little room is repaired in the right way, knock on wood, we will not have any other problems here again.

The plastic walls are up to minimize the dust, and it works well but I won't lie, there is still a lot of clean up. The fine dust goes everywhere.

Finished and painted, now all that is left is installing lights, cleaning, putting furniture back, curtains hung, and who knows what else.

Outside the place is getting a new coat of paint! Which is a good thing because with all of the storms lately the front of the house has taken a beating, paint was being "power washed" off with the whipping winds, hail and rain.

This is the view outside of my office window. Often times I look up and there is someone looking in the window, fixing the caulk and painting.

View from my office window
I am so excited to have all of this nearing completion! I am so tired of having a hole in the ceiling. I know this is a boring post but sometimes life is like that, the everyday mundane things. In addition to all of the work inside the house I have been baking and cooking up a storm, all of the recipes have pumpkin in them!

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