Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Corns,Caramels, Tootsie Rolls and More. I love Halloween Candy

I love candy corns, tootsie rolls, and Kraft, only Kraft caramels, and of course caramel apples!!!

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Do tell?

Do you buy candy that you like in the hopes that not many little ghosts and goblins will come and there will be more for you? Or do you buy stuff you dislike so that you will not eat it? I have tried both methods but unfortunately none of these seem to work for me. I think I have some weird disease, sugaritis! Is it possible?

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  1. The first photo, candy corn, is definitely my favorite. I can eat it non-stop. Which is a problem. I didn't buy any this year. I think that was a good plan. Happy Halloween! xx Sunday

  2. Our sweets have all disappeared! We have never had so many callers! My little pirate's cat (girl) was delighted she loved giving away all the treats.

    PS we don't really have traditional Halloween sweets here, but we do have bonfire toffee.

  3. Elizabeth Dear,

    I'm so glad you liked the chocolate post...sweets for the sweet!! Especially those suffering from sugaritis...a lifelong affliction for me!! Ha:)
    Some of those photos seemed almost indecent.

    Let's see, I love pretty much most candy. That is a problem. But, I am partial to chocolate anything. Dark chocolate, though, is my favorite. And I have started to make caramel from is so good!

    Enjoy the fun and yummies this evening, dear friend!

    - Irina

  4. Hey with you about KRAFTS ONLY caramel..the others just don't cut it, isnt' that funny. And every now and then when "real chocolate" isn't available to me, a tootsie roll will hit the spot, but give me anything with nuts, caramel and milk chocolate or of course milk duds, swedish fish or hot tamales and you won't hear a peep (well maybe you WILL hear me munching away) Happy Halloween to you!!

  5. Reading this post after having polished off most of the Halloween candy is not a good idea first thought was...ooooohhhh candy corn.
    We have been away from the USA too long...I miss 'real' Halloween candy! My last true event was in 1998....oh dear, that sounds so long ago!

    Tootsie rolls are right up there...really, anything with chocolate will do. :)

    On another note, I had a look at Picasa today. That is a tricky one. I once did a clean up of my files and deleted most of the photos one of my blogs...gone for good. Since then, I dare not go near it. I have thousands of photos on it...although I may have upgraded. If you can get photos on one, you should be able to get to all of them. I would try the Forum at Blogging My Way...Thornton is pretty good at getting back. There are a whole lot of great questions floating about, it might be useful to take advantage while the class is still on.... ;)

    Just set up an Amazon shop on my blog....that was fun. :)

    Happy Halloween least what is left of it..

    Jeanne xx

  6. Good morning my dear...this is the DAY AFTER....but anyone of these candies was always on my favorites list! ANYTHING CHEWY...OH YEAH!!!!!!

    Off again to rush to work...Oh how I would SO LOVE to sit with you and CHAT!!!!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU, Anita

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    I found your blog through byw, and it looks wonderful. Now, candy. I love dark chocolate, but my Halloween joy is Whoppers! Remember those? My children give me theirs, and we're all happy.

    Joy to you!


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