Friday, October 21, 2011

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?

Yesterday I received  this magazine in the mail! My first Christmas magazine, it was like...Christmas! I love, love, love Christmas. Not for the gifts, but for the spirit. I love the months leading up to the "big day" the wrapping of presents, the scent of delicious treats baking, the planning of menus and parties, and the overall feeling of the holiday.

I am a baker at heart, and I love making and blending my own chocolates for candy and treats. Thankfully I do not like too many of the things that I make or I would be as big as a house. Oddly enough I really like the raw dough from sugar cookies, and other baked goods. I know, I know, its bad for you, but knock on wood as I approach my 45 birthday I have not been stricken down by any food born illness by sampling the cookie dough.

I cannot wait to sit down this weekend in my finished( for now) house and read all of these wonderful magazines and sip a cup of cocoa! I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your family and friends!



    First of all, I TOO LOVE THE HOLIDAYS for many reasons besides the gifts....the gathering of loved ones, the baking, the decorating, the anticipation of SOMETHING special....Ruben and I have this tradition. I make a PUERTO-RICAN inspired turkey that marinates overnight and it is SOOOOO GOOD. We then sit and eat, watch movies all night long, and just LAUGH and have a great time.

    My dear, thank you for such words of beautiful encouragement. I am blessed beyond what I can even express, and blogland has brought us all together in ways that ONLY SHARING OUR HEARTS CAN DO! The workplace and even the every day world of our homes and neighborhoods does NOT allow us to express what we can through blogging. Therefore, we know each other in such a special way that not even colleagues or family know. But you have been a kind and wonderful friend to me, and I look forward to another season of fun and beautiful expression with you and others to share it with!

    Talk about baking, one of my favorite things this time of year is FRESHLY BAKED BRIOCHE!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, that just takes my breathe away!!!


  2. Elizabeth, I notice both your magazines mention English Christmas or English home. We don't have thanksgiving here, so Christmas is the focus for winter. I have already made three christmas cakes, a Christmas pudding and mincemeat (for pies).
    We love Christmas here, do look at my blog I've already posted several Christmas recipes, it is my favourite time of the year!
    Regards Jude x

  3. I go this magazine. It was wonderful! I am very ready to think about Christmas!

  4. Dearest Elizabeth,

    A big cozy YES to everything you have written here. English magazines make me lightheaded (I love them so), especially when accompanied by Christmas! I also relish that magical time, the spirit of it all.
    Sounds like a delicious way to spend your day.. chocolat chaud and the mags! Enjoy!!
    Thanks for the sweet visit today, for your kind wishes.
    Have a wonderful time baking this weekend!
    (The pumpkin hot chocolate is so fantastic)
    I think I may try out the cheesecake for Thanksgiving :)

    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  5. Elizabeth, I am the same. The past week our local classical music radio station has been having their membership pledge drive, and one of the gifts for pledging is a CD of the 100 greatest Christmas Carol performances. And so I have been listening to beautiful Christmas music each time I get into the car. I have been feeling especially joyous while listening, which is a good thing considering how maddening traffic is in Los Angeles! Love your blogpost, it's so nice to know there are kindred spirits out there!


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