Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sarah Richardson Lovely Farmhouse


Sarah Richardson, the host and designer of HGTV started her career on TV over 15 years ago, and to date myself, I remember watching her on TV then! Although not all of her designs are my style I love her approach to decorating, she frequently recycles or up cycles or buys vintage and although she will splurge on some things, like a marble tile or a beautiful fabric, she seems to make a budget and stick to it. Or perhaps that is the magic of TV. Whatever the case she has designed and refurbished several houses on TV for her series, Sarah's House.
In addition to her roles on TV she she has led her design firm, Sarah Richardson Design, Inc, developed indoor and outdoor furniture lines and a paint line. She is considered one of the top designers in Canada and is frequently featured in the top design magazines there.
Check out this weekend retreat that she designed for weekends with her husband, children, puppy and extended family. I love it, it is relaxing, low key, yet stylish.

Original house with addition

I love this piece, it is from the Royal Bank

My favorite spot in the house! Love the sign!

Master Bedroom

Family Bathroom

Fun Vignette

What do you think? Is it a place that you could spend time on the weekend? I know I could retreat here on the weekends and cozy up on the couch with a book, cocoa(of course), snugly blanket and a roaring fire.

I said it before and I will say it again, I really love the use of vintage furnishings, light fixtures, and the sense of age. I also like that she designs to suit the house. I am a little bit of a traditionalist like that, I like when houses are decorated to suit their style and age. It hurts my eyes and my sensibilities when you walk into a colonial and it is decorated like a 50's bachelor pad, or a modern house that is decorated with Victorian period pieces. This is just my opinion, I know people like to mix and I am OK with that, I do it too. I am just talking about the glaringly obvious design flaws.

All images from HGTV


  1. Hello and congratulations on your award too! Many thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment on my post. Like me, Spotty has a touch of arthritis in his joints.... getting old is no fun!
    What a wonderful blog you have, your pictures are beautiful! I could happily spend every weekend in this fabulous house... just stunning!

  2. Oh how amazingly cozy!! I could sooo imagine cozying up in that house, especially during the colder months. It is incredibly welcoming and charming.

  3. Oh ELizabeth, this is FOR SURE A COZY RETREAT, and like you, I love those white chippy paint HORSES!!!!! The autumn colors of those velvet pillows is just right for this FABULOUS SEASON that we are finally having. Our fall is so late, but I am embracing it with all my heart.

    Sweet and fabulous friend, I thank you for coming by to think of me; I have been so terribly busy, more than ever, and NOW since I opened my Etsy shop last Saturday, just the 10 sales that I have made have been fun, but I just need to figure out HOW to manage that new piece into my busy life. Oh how I would love to hope on a plane, go visit YOU and sit with a cup of ANGELINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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