Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jason Fricke Artist

Last week I wrote about little about affordable art, so today I though I would profile a Milwaukee artist that I really admire and collect and is both beautiful and affordable.  This art is unlike anything else that I have but when I first saw his work over 10 years ago at the DeLind Gallery I was drawn in...no pun intended, as these pieces are pen and ink drawings.


Jason Fricke is a life long artist who worked for 39 years as a screen printer and then retired early to pursue his art full time. He travels to Europe annually, where he captures everything from a Paris bride, to a Parisian pigeon to a cup of cafe au lait in Paris. In addition he attends 18 art shows a year to showcase his remarkable talent.

All of his work is drawn from life, for instance the pieces that I own are from a trip to Paris, the pigeons were walking in the park and the Paris Bride was from a fashion show and another is from an observation of an elephant at the Milwaukee zoo.

The elephant above is the first piece that I aquired of his work. I love the simplicity of this piece. It is in our family room where we have several pieces of art from my husbands travels to Africa.

In addition to the elephant, I also own these two smaller pieces, one is called "The Paris Bride", and was drawn in Paris on one of Jasons's trips to Paris. The drawing is of an actual gown that was designed by Christian Dior and was featured in a retrospective of his work at the Musee des Arts de la Mode. And the last little piece that I have is called "Paris Pigeons." I keep these in my office to remind me of all of my special times in Paris and Milwaukee.

His current collection is of dancers, ballet, and flamenco,  from the Milwaukee ballet who invite him to attend rehearsals or performances to capture the dancers live. This Fall he will be in Louisville capturing the dancers at the invite of it's director who saw some of Jason's work at an art show. If you love drawings I encourage you to check out his website here, you will love the animals, musicians and the dancers.

On a side note, the quest for the perfect hot hot chocolate continues here. If you like chocolate or anything pertaining to chocolate come over to my other blog, Once Upon a Chocolate Life and check out my "other life."



  1. My darling and beautiful friend, FIRST OF ALL, I am running late. I woke up at 2:00am, unable to sleep, with stress building into anxiety, all over my job.

    I will be so happy when TONIGHT, I can see you email!!!!!!!! NOW FOR THESE DRAWINGS....OH DEAR, THIS, THIS IS MY STYLE! I LOVE SIMPLE LINES! Look at that ELEPHANT! AND THE WOMAN!!!

    OK, I have to come back to this post but this is absolutely my goal, to take fewer lines and just WISP OVER THE PAGE WITH GRACE AND ELEGANCE! I LOVE YOU DEAR! Anita

  2. Well, Elizabeth dear,
    I see Anita has said what I was thinking!! My first reaction was that it is in Anita's style in so many ways!
    I visited his web page, and what I love is that his art is so seemingly simple, yet it bursts with life. Just terrific!
    Blessings to you,
    - Irina


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