Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Milwaukee...Lake Park and Lake Park Bistro

I love Milwaukee, I have made that quite clear in previous posts, I love visiting here, seeing family and friends and taking in all of the sights. Milwaukee is a hidden gem in the Midwest and I want people to know about all of the great things to see and do here that you might not be aware of. In addition to the museums and Lake Michigan, the music festivals there are world class restaurants and parks too.

Lake Park is a fabulous park in Milwaukee designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park.  Located just up Lake Drive from the Summerfest Park and  the Milwaukee Art Museum, Lake Park is home to 138 pristine acres of beautiful flora and fauna. In addition to the picturesque bridges, ravines, and walking  trails there are tennis courts, an 18 hole golf course, lawn bowling, croquette and the original Milwaukee light house. There is also ice skating in the winter, numerous summer concerts and is home to the award winning Lake Park Bistro.

Several years ago, the city of Milwaukee allowed the Bartolotta  family to lease the original Pavilion in the park and use it to house Lake Park Bistro . The restaurant is fabulous! I love going there every time that I am in Milwaukee. The menu is traditional French food, everything from a bowl of French onion soup to pate, to delicious French cheese and of course crepes! In addition to their award winning chef, Adam Siegel, who has trained with Michelin stars chefs in France, and James Beard Award winners, the restaurant also hosts fabulous events. For instance they have a truffle night coming up in January and in November they are hosting Patricia Wells, yes, the Patricia Wells who has written twelve cookbooks on French cuisine, runs a cooking school and has made French cuisine accessible to the masses in a way that has not happened since Julia Child. The food is spectacular and the view of Lake Michigan is magical. If you are in Milwaukee or even passing through you need to try out Lake Park Bistro, you will not be sorry!

Lake Park Bistro and Pavilion

View from Restaurant

View from the restaurant

Fabulous views of Lake Michigan


Lawn Bowling


On a park bench.

I hope that if you have an opportunity to see and walk in Lake Park that you do;  it really is beautiful especially this time of the year! While you are at it, you should stop in the Bistro and have a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup with candied pecans, or perhaps a coffee and a crepe dessert!

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Lake Park Bistro, I have not been compensated in any way, I just like eating here and wanted to share my experience. The Bartolotta Family own many excellent restaurants in Milwaukee if you are interested here is a link to several other excellent ones.


  1. OH I MISSED YOUR CARROT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But look at these views...my goodness is MILWALKEE a place I NEED TO EXPLORE! AND dearest, if you are EVER in the Twin Cities, LET ME KNOW!!!! WE ARE NOT FAR!

    Lovely post and what a fabulous restaurant!!!! Anita

  2. OMG, Lake Park Bistro is on my wish list of places to go. That view is to die for!

    How are you my dear friend, having a good week I hope :-)


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