Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning Images of Everyday Life

 I am learning how to take better(hopefully) photos with my camera, and this morning I thought I would experiment.These are some images from around my home that I liked after my photo shoot.

Poor little birds cannot even take a bath!

Piece of Art called "The Family"

Bark from a Crepe Myrtle tree

Early morning mist

Morning visitor, through a screen window

Feather and Flowers

I love this little feather on the flowers, it was very small and I really had to zoom in.

Another visitor!

In this neck of the woods the weather is a little strange lately, it still gets very hot during the day and our summer trees and flowers are still thriving, so I really do not want to throw them out and get some mums...which are my least favorite flower. The crepe myrtle is a constant battle, it is now dropping seeds, leaves and the last remaining flowers. I love my early morning visitors, the birds and the squirrel are so amusing.


  1. Elizabeth,
    Your world makes me say AHHHHHH! How restful, wish I could take morning tea with you there my dear one.
    Much Love

  2. I love your Myrtle tree - I would love one. The bark is so lovely,

    Sarah x

  3. What wonderful photographs, and such delightful visitors. Is the squirrel black? We only have grey here, and a few precious, and much loved, red in the north of England and Scotland.

  4. Your photographs are beautiful...and I especially love the Myrtle tree. What a great shot! I also love the morning mist over the tree...but my favorite is "another visitor"! It's just a great shot.
    We have 200 (plus) year old walnut trees on my property and I'm fairly certain the squirrels think they are in Heaven--especially at this time of year when the walnuts cover the grounds!
    Enjoy the week (and I'd love to see more pictures :)

    Bilancia Designs

  5. Dear Elizabeth,

    What lovely pictures..I always love getting a glimpse of these natural wonders! You know, a squirrel was poking around on our apartment balcony today, so little visitors all around:) I should have taken a photo, but she startled me so!
    And I almost see a heart in the myrtle bark..did you notice it?

    I would love to see more of your lovely, peaceful images...

    A beautiful day to you,
    - Irina

  6. Oh I am late.....but fabulous photos my dear! I TOO TRY TO EXPERIMENT and often catch photos of the rabbits in my yard through the screen! OFF I GO TO WORK....HAPPY DAY DEAREST FRIEND! Anita

  7. congrats on your lovely blog and I also wanted to congratulate for the Blog on Fire Award from Yonks....:)


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