Monday, November 28, 2011

Barista Style Coffee Gifts for Christmas

Good Morning! I hope that you are having a great week and getting all of your Christmas preparations underway. If you are still having a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special someone then perhaps it is time to turn to what some people deem the perfect  morning beverage, others like myself would call that drinking chocolate, and many more would say the perfect cuppa tea.

I know there are a lot of coffee drinkers out there, I have many in my own family and am always on the lookout for great coffee sources or gifts.

My husband in addition to looking for the perfect cup of coffee is  always on the search for the perfect coffee maker. We have gone from a small coffee maker, to a French Press, then this fabulous Gaggia machine from Italy.

If you love coffee, and want to feel like a barista in Rome, than this is the coffee machine for you. The machine does everything, it makes espresso, cafe creme, cafe au lait, cappuccino, and will steam your milk to make other drinks too.

If you are the sole coffee drinker in your house and like to experiment than perhaps this would be a better fit? Keurig makes all sorts of one cup makers and also offers K-cups from every coffee roaster in the country, Dunkin Donuts, Emeril's, Donut Shoppe, and too many more to write here, in addition to tea and hot cocoa.

If you are looking for a great coffee source, then check out, Whole Latte Love, they sell Illy, LAvazza, Gaggia, and about twenty five other brands, in addition to Espresso Machines, coffee makers, syrups, and many other coffee accoutrement's.

What about the perfect coffee cup? These are some fabulous cups designed for Illy, and Ritzenhoff but you can also find many more on Whole Latte Love, as well as Macy's, Home Goods, and lots of other places.




Do you have any favorite coffee sources? Coffee machines? Makers? Cups? Or ways to prepare? Or do you have another preferred beverage for your morning pick me up?


  1. Mmmm Elizabeth!
    Another beautifully decadent way to start the day:)
    I love them all, depending on mood and, chocolat chaud, tea, and of course, that addicting pumpkin white hot chocolate!
    I have yet to find a coffee shop that makes those cute designs! Love them..
    A lovely week to you..
    - Irina

  2. We have a Breville machine and we love it. My hubby has made hearts of the milky froth but these images are very cute.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  3. Dearest one,

    I kept seeing your new title come up since LAST NIGHT but was unable to see the NEW I am, coffee cup in hand with some BAILYS IRISH CREAM TO GO IN IT! Please pour!!!!! Anita

  4. Great ideas for gifts for the coffee lover. Which is me! I love coffee and look forward to it each morning. I am going to look into these interesting coffee makers. Thanks for the recommendations!


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