Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Pelindaba Lavender Farm: Christmas Gift Ideas

Now that Halloween is past I am itching to get on to the preparation of Christmas, I love looking for the perfect gift, and the baking and mailing of care packages, I love the music and the whole kit and caboodle. Don't get me wrong, I do like Thanksgiving so that I can be with family and friends, and of course for the pumpkin pie, but really I am counting the days until I can let the season begin.  For me that is right after Thanksgiving dinner, I think the turkey might still be warm but I do not care, out with the pumpkins, and Fall colors and in with the white lights, and the Mercury glass and all of the shiny sparkly ornaments.

One of my go to places for beautiful and unusual gifts is the Pelindaba Lavender Farm . This farm is located  in Friday Harbour on the San Juan Islands in Washington state. If you ever get the chance to go there to visit in person it is a must see. Aside from the beauty of the island itself, and the orca whales, the alpaca farms and so many more things to see and do, the Pelindaba Lavender Farm is a sight to see. If you visit at the peak of the season which is the best time, you can smell and hear the farm before you are out of your car. The fields are literally alive with the sound of...bees! Disclaimer, if you do not like bees, this is not your sort of place.

Image Pelindaba Farm

Image Pelindaba Farm

Pelindaba Lavender Farm manufactures 250 items on- site, so they can control the quality. If you like lavender there is something for everyone; a few of the products are,  lavender salt (love it), lavender pepper, lavender chutney (love it), essential oil, lavender shortbread, hair care products, lip balm (love it), tea, lemonade, hot chocolate, chocolate bars, and more. The list goes on and seriously if you have a lavender lover in your life go over and check it out. All products are available on line here. They really do have great things and you do not even have to leave the house to shop.

I do not have any affiliation to the Pelindaba Lavender Farm, I am not getting any payment or product,  I just really enjoyed my time there and love the products.


  1. I adore lavender, and have it planted in borders and pots around my garden. When it is cut and dried, I put it into linen bags and hang it in my wardrobe to help keep the moths away. And it smells so lovely too.
    The Pelindaba Lavender Farm looks to be the most wonderful place to visit. I can imagine all the bees, as they really love it so much.
    As I will not be able to go there in person, I shall check out the website.
    I hope you are having a good week. Abby

  2. I bet you enjoy your time there. It looks incredible - all that intense purpley haze. Amazing!

    And I bet you come away smelling like a dream!


  3. Good afternoon my dearest!!!! LIKE YOU, I love lavender ANYTIME OF THE YEAR and I have even baked with it!!!! LEMON LAVENDER SCONES and pizza sauce too!!!! HELLO SWEET FRIEND!

    Enjoy your baking, Anita

  4. That place looks amazing, I need to find a lavender lover in my life now, just for an excuse to buy something!

    Most interesting product I found - Lavender Algae Inhibitor!!!!

    L x

  5. That is so beautiful. My husband is from Seattle and has been there, I would love to go next time we are there. It must smell heavenly. I really like your blog.

  6. Elizabeth Dear,

    That looks AMAZING! And all of the wonderful goodies made with truly is a miracle plant. Thank you for this resource..

    I, too, cannot wait for the SEASON!! I am singing the songs in my head already:))
    - Irina

  7. I never dreamed such a place existed. Thanks for the enlightenment!

    -From a fellow BYW'er

  8. My parents live in
    Washington State,
    so I've been to a
    lavender farm, but
    not this one! Looks
    amazing. You are
    right about the drone
    of bees!
    xx Suzanne


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