Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Operation Beautiful

Are you familiar with Operation Beautiful? This is a great website and book that basically uses the power of words and a Post- it note to make women feel better about themselves.

Blogger Caitlin Boyle was tired of hearing women pick themselves apart while they were standing in front of the mirror, so one day she scribbled  on a Post-it: "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" and placed it on the mirror of a public bathroom. That one little note spawned a movement, now women all over the country are writing notes and stories to help women recognize that true beauty comes from WITHIN!

Check out Operation Beautiful, maybe take a photo, write a note and send it in. Lets all help our sisters, nieces, friends, aunts and girls around the world know that you do not have to be the skinniest, the most popular, the most beautiful, to be a wonderful person! After all we could all use a kind word, some encouragement or just a smile!
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  1. I love this Elizabeth and on a day where I feel positively run down ragged and exhausted I could not be reading this on a better day, in all seriousness!!!! I am going to check it out.... I needed to read this!


  2. As a mother of a daughter, I worry about this all of the time. I want her to know how beautiful she is... inside and out!
    I will share this website with her, and with my boys, who will influence the self esteem of the women in their lives.


  3. THANK YOU Elizabeth for sharing this!
    I have heard of this project, and I am going right now to see the website.
    Just came from the website :)) wow. Goosebumps!
    Love this...

    Love and beauty to you, beautiful friend!!
    - Irina

  4. THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! ANd.....funny, I have been sending a little note with one of my Audrey images that says, "You are beautiful." WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU PRECIOUS FRIEND! Anita

  5. This is such a valuable reminder to all of us. Thank you for introducing me to this site.

  6. Gosh, my current post
    says something very
    similar to this message,
    Elizabeth.....So true!
    xx Suzanne


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