Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Style Quiz

     Some time ago I saw a fun Style Quiz on Pigtown Design, Meg found it by way of the  How About Orange blog. The quiz is light hearted and amusing, find it here at Stylish Home. Just for fun go over and try it and then come back here and in your comments let me know what your style is?

     I most resemble a "Bespoke Classic".
    A romantic simplicity defines your setting. To cook a grand meal in an elegant kitchen is your joy.

    Resort, retreat, getaway - all inside your bedroom. As with a technical dance, your style has it's own vocabulary. Enjoying elegant outdoor fare.

    Afternoon refreshments on the patio Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Meeting all the requirements for a stylish home, commencement begins.

    Suspected "Bespoke Classic"
    - Princess Diana
    - Fred Astaire
    - Ralph Lauren

    I won't lie, a lot of this discribes me.  I often "retreat" to my bed, in fact I can spend entire weekends there in my jammies with a pile of magazines and books and limitless cups of hot chocolate! I have a classic style in both home and dress and I love to cook a wonderful meal or sweets for entertaining.

    What are you? I am curious to see if the quiz is accurate for you? And if your style is what I imagine from your writings on your blogs.


    1. Here's me Elizabeth:
      A romantic simplicity defines your setting. Kitchen ambitions move slow by design. A bedroom with distinct character - warm and charming. Choreographed by you, the design fundamentals and colors present a moving style. Enjoying elegant outdoor fare. The glass of red - a highly recommended habit. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Stand tall in the saddle… it's a short ride home..
      Suspected "Unpretentious Bon Vivant"
      - John Lennon
      - Cary Grant
      - Coco Chanel
      I'd have to say this is fairly accurate.
      Good fun! - THANKS

    2. Voila! That was fun. :)

      Cozy… not oversized - a hand crafted gem. Your kitchen is your prize. Decorative, finished… elegant. A bedroom with distinct character - warm and charming. Blown away by the handcrafted nature of art. A lady like table suitable to a royal wedding. Your 3rd coffee and just beginning to be productive. Hand knotted, vegetable dyed… a family history at your feet. A hard-boiled cynic with a noble side - you..
      Suspected "Handcrafted Obsession"

      - Frank Lloyd Wright
      - Grace Kelly
      - Michael Caine

      Jeanne xx

    3. That was soo much fun! I will share this on my blog tomorrow with credit to you of course and as luck would have it I am a Park Avenue cocktaiil and old money extravagance…that was fun!!!! Like you my bedroom is my sanctuary…love making it as pretty as possible. It said to cook a grand meal in my elegant kitchen is a joy-bingo!!
      And it said I don't take things too seriously…so true!! Fun Elizabeth.

      PS I love hot chocolate also, so we can throw that into our milk duds/hot tamale fest!

    4. I am an "Unpretentious Bon Vivant!"

      The house at the end of the lane in the village by the sea. Your kitchen emanates a timeless warmth. Tossing and turning in feathers. Like the painter's brush, your composition is done in living color. A sense of rolling hills and vineyards surround this table. The tinkling glasses say cheers in the evening sun. On cobbled streets, character abounds. A right proper house you make....

      - John Lennon
      - Cary Grant
      - Coco Chanel

      THAT was fun. Thank your for the
      introduction to this cool site!

      Happy November,
      xx Suzanne

    5. Good morning dearest one!

      Well, I am a lover of French Brocante style, and through the years, I have tried to MAKE the look happen. I enjoy making SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING and our home does reflect that in the HOMESPUN features of our entire home and gardens. I TOO LOVE A HOT drink at night to sooth me from the dust of day, and what I value are the quiet moments of will see many poetry books and FRENCH books strewn about my home, along with whimsical art given to me by dear BLOGGERS LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

    6. Precious one! I have a moment before I go out the door....I will come via email! Anita

    7. Dear Elizabeth, this was so fun!
      Thank you...
      I love how sweet Anita describes her style!!
      And "Bespoke Classic" sounds so elegant!

      C'est moi:

      The house at the end of the lane in the village by the sea. (Oh yeah!!)
      Kitchen ambitions move slow by design.(I am rather a turtle)
      Resort, retreat, getaway - all inside your bedroom.(YEP)
      Like a master painting, your projects unfold over long periods. (Sometimes a bit too long!)
      A lady like table suitable to a royal wedding.(mmm) The graceful ceremony of sharing.(Love it)
      Pre-war, upper east side attitude.(ok!)
      A den of discussion for artists and intellectuals..(ABSOLUTELY!!)

      Suspected "Antiquated Espresso" - Amazingly accurate!

      - Tom Waits
      - Humphrey Bogart
      - Katharine Hepburn

      Wish you a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth!
      - Irina


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