Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Photo Notre Dame by Pine Cones

I hope that in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that you manage to find a little time to stop and enjoy a few moments to yourself, either by candlelight or by the light of the stars. I am still enjoying my holidays with family and this is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day, by the light of candles or the lights of just the Christmas tree, with a cup of cocoa and perhaps the pups.

Have a fabulous day! Happy 2nd Day of Christmas!


  1. Beautiful poem and yes we enjoy candlelight most nights too. We still have family here as well but they leave today and I can start picking my house up. Believe it or not but that's relaxing to me, getting my home in order!

    Enjoy your day!


    I was enjoying the beauty of the GLOW yesterday by my fireplace (powered by flicker lights, but let's pretend!) and I LOVED EVERY QUIET MOMENT OF IT. This morning, I woke up at 3:00am with a new idea for my Etsy shop, then I went back to sleep on my settee, in front of my flicker light "fireplace" and enjoyed the mesmerizing peace of it all. YOU GOT IT RIGHT HERE....taking the time to just let the power of THE LIGHT take me where I need to be.

    ENJOY EVERY HOUR UPON HOUR! And that cocoa is almost GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

  3. Love candlelight and have been lighting candles like crazy this last week....my favorite kind of lighting. Makes anything look pretty!! Starting to unwind from the seasons chaos ( a good kind) but thankful in some ways its over and now its time to start concentrating on my move! Wishing you all good things Elizabeth in 2012!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    This holiday season, I too have assisted in keeping the candle business thriving. I love the glow of candlelight and it works beautifully in photos as yours show. Happy new year dear friend.
    Much love

  5. Hello Elizabeth
    A lovely poem to share... thank you!
    I love candlelight and have candles burning each evening in all rooms. They cast a magical glow around the home.
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday with your family.
    Love, Abby xx

  6. Look at all of the warmth of these dear friends who bring so much light to my life!
    Dear Elizabeth, what beautiful words and images...
    How I love candlelight..something very magical, yet primal. It is mesmerizing.
    Sending love and light your way, sweet friend..
    - Irina

  7. Beautiful candlelight Elizabeth...such a comforting sight. Best wishes to you and your family... xx


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