Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for World Travelers

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Good Morning and Happy St. Nick! I hope that you got lots of treats in your shoes or your stocking that you put out last night!

 Speaking of World Travelers, let me ask you, are you a traveler? An Adventurer? Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself(hints for your family) or the World Traveler in your life?

Perhaps you could start with a bit of inspiration from Amazon.

Then a bit of expert advice from none other than National Geographic.

You might want to provide a pair of these to Bose headphones to cancel out all of the noise around your traveler. My husband always wears his but I cannot figure out if it is to tune the other passengers out or me?

And perhaps a few of these Moleskine notebooks or city guides to keep track of your favorite places to see, eat, and enjoy.

Of course you are going to want a nice case for your/their passport and a tag for luggage, why not visit Anthropologie?

And a tote or bag to carry your necessities on your journey. Why not be stylish this winter with a Filson wool tote. I love mine!

A cashmere blanket and pillow from Restoration Hardware are always nice to keep them snugly, especially on transatlantic flights. 

You could collect a few charms from favorite places, (that is one thing I always do) to remind your traveler of special adventures all over the world.

Or when they return this currency collage from Uncommon Goods to remind  you/them of the confusion of converting money and then laugh at your mistakes,  all the while remembering so many special countries.

I personally can vouch for most of the above items as as I either own them or have given them for gifts. What ideas do you world travelers have? I would love to hear of a few in case I am missing some.

By the way, I used the blanket and pillow, which I carried in my fabulous Filson plaid bag, and wrote notes to myself in my Moleskine city guide on my flight to...PARIS! I am here now enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas! And when I return I am definitely going to be wishing on that box or the stars to return another day!


  1. I always travel with a Pashmina and cashmere socks are so cozy on a plane. We're mad keen on the moleskin books, wonderful aren't they?
    Oh! And Paris, I just wish could jump on a train and go right now. Have a super holiday.

  2. Welcome home!! How was Paris? I am sure it was wonderful......cannot wait to hear all about it. This is a great post....I have pashminas in several colors and use them year round, they are indespensable in my eyes.
    Many wonderful suggestions here...bookmarking this post and I long to be a world traveler once again!

  3. I am so excited for you Elizabeth...Paris in December! I can't wait to hear all about it. :) I think you hit it all with your selection of travel gear. I have used the same Bose headphones for years. I recently moved to the Sennheiser brand, they are a bit lighter. I would add a cashmere wrap from www.travelwrapcompany.com .... One of my favourite purchases. iPad and laptop essential too... :) Best wishes Elizabeth, I am sure you will make every minute count! xx

  4. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS FRIEND! Now this is a fine post with LUSH ideas of travel and such!!! HOW ARE YOU????? HUGGING YOU and sending my fondest wishes for a FUN holiday preparation! Anita

  5. What great ideas for gifts. I love the travel theme. And lucky you, how wonderful to be in Paris at Christmas time! Have a great trip.

  6. Bonjour Chere Elizabeth!!
    J'espere que tu t'amuse bien a Paris!!! hee..my French is so rusty.
    Oh, Elizabeth, I hope you are having a MAGICAL time!!
    It must be so sparkling and festive..and the roasted chestnuts..have some for me:))
    I love your wonderful ideas here,and I fondly remember my jet set days. My essential was Paris perfume by YSL. I still have the bottle my parents gave to me for my 13th (!!!) birthday...I only wear it when I'm in Paris!
    Enjoy, and I hope we'll get to see some photos upon your return:)
    - Irina


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