Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Moment...THE DAY AFTER

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas holiday! I did and am enjoying my time with family, eating many sugar laden treats, and relaxing. Did you rush out to the stores? Were there lots of bargains? I am staying in, I think I just need to relax, reflect and do some reading. Whatever you are doing, enjoy, be safe and have fun!

By the way, happy first day of Christmas. Today is the start of the 12 Days of Christmas, they end on the 6th of January, the Epiphany, when the Feast of the 3 Kings is celebrated. If you would like to know more about this and the religious meaning behind the song the 12 Days of Christmas, visit this Site.


  1. Beautiful post and like you I'm staying put and enjoying my family since we still have a house full. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas and enjoy this week!


  2. Good morning......had a wonderful Christmas and hope you had the same. It was such a relaxing day and I needed that DESPERATELY! Board games, lots of food, movie wathcing, talking about old times, lots of laughs, more get the picture! It was great, yes today I actually am going to venture out to one or two stores, nothing crazy but I know I want to take advantage of buying some more Christmas decor for the house next year.....wishing you a peaceful and relaxing day, what you have in mind sounds perfect Elizabeth!

  3. Good morning dear friend!!!!!

    What a lovely Christmas here. We went across the street to a friend's house and had a blast. Nice to just WALK across the street! Now I am creating, and what a good feeling it is. I have finished TWO theatres and we shall see if anyone is interested. I will post them on my New Year's Day post and in my Etsy on the first of the year.

    MANY HUGS TO YOU for a sensational friendship and memories of 2011 my dearest! Anita

  4. So happy you had a lovely Christmas. We also enjoyed the day, presents and breakfast in the morning and a walk in the afternoon. Dinner was cozy with just the family. My daughter surprised us with the most beautiful book she and her husband made of the photos of their wedding which was in June. These are the kinds of gifts that make the holiday so special. Today I am recovering from all the wrapping, cooking, and getting ready of the last week. I am settling down to relax and read one of my new books. Have a wonderful post-Christmas day!
    Sunday xo


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