Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fantasy Gifts and Neiman Marcus Catalog Gifts

What do you get for the people in your life that have it all or that you want to splurge on? There are many fabulous gifts out there, these are a few ideas that I have seen in the past few months for Fantasy Gifts. Something for everyone, a mini house, a Ferrari, a luxury boat and many more.  

Or you could get an interesting Yurt for your loved one from Neiman Marcus, the furnishings are one of a kind, from the crystal chandelier, to the linen covered walls,  to the hand crafted and embroidered down pillows. For every fantasy gift purchased Neiman Marcus will donate $5000.00 to charity, in the case of this yurt the money will be donated to find breast cancer research.

Image from Neiman MArcus

Image from Neiman Marcus

I am not giving or getting either of the above gifts but they are fun to look at. Would my dream/ fantasy gift  be a pied a terre in Paris, or a cottage in Scotland nestled by a loch? No, I think as I get older and life happens I realize that my fantasy/dream gift is the gift of time...I want as much as I can squeeze out of life to spend with my family and friends.

We all have to have dreams. What is your fantasy gift? Let me know I would love to hear all about them!

Are you finished shopping, did you start wrapping? There is still time to shop and get rush shipping if you want your gifts to arrive on time for the big day!

Enjoy my friends, enjoy the spirit of the season!


  1. I'm done shopping and wrapping and today we decorated. We don't exchange gifts with our families instead we make donations to help others. My husband and I exchange gifts but he isn't getting anything from Neiman Marcus!

  2. Oh, what a choice you present us with Elizabeth. I'll take the cottage by the loch and all the time I can get on this earth. Too much to ask?

  3. How fun are those play houses. Loved your post at The Enchanted have a flair for entertaining!
    Mary Ann

  4. Finished? Not even close but today is my "manic Monday" and a day where I plan to get 90% of whats left DONE. Wish me luck, I need it:) These fantasy homes are amazing and over the top, as far as a fantasy gift...hum it would be a toss up between a beautiful old Vermont farm with an unlimited budget to fix it up or the quintessential beach house or a flat in Paris, just big enough to not have to worry about year round maintenance but that could host a visiting friend or two! Now thats not asking for too much is it? LOL......

  5. My precious one,

    I WOULD TAKE ONE OF THESE HOUSES and make it a TEA HOUSE!!!!! Oh what memories I have of having one of these as a child, that my father built for me!

    Well dearest, the countdown is on. Three more days of school this week and then I am OFF!!!!!! WISHING YOU MUCH HAPPINESS MY DEAR FRIEND!!! And many thanks for such kindness throughout the year. LOVE! Anita

  6. What beautiful friends I see here!!
    Elizabeth, you kind, generous soul...I left you an email today, I do hope you have a chance to see it.
    I am grateful beyond words...

    And now on to the fantasy gifts! Yes, I agree with, family, friends. Peace on our precious planet.
    And then the frilly stuff, a little Parisian pied-a-terre sounds lovely....on Ile Saint Louis..overlooking the Seine..why not?? :))
    And I have always LOVED these little playhouses..Anita used to have one?? That is wonderful!
    And the interior of the yurt looks like Jeannie's bottle, doesn't it?
    Sending love and light your way, dear Elizabeth..
    - Irina (MERCI ENCORE!!!)


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