Friday, December 9, 2011

A Notre Dame, Paris Christmas

As with every visit to Paris I always go to Notre Dame, to take in the flying buttresses, the rose window, the beautiful garden, and the history that seeps from the walls and envelopes your senses with the tinge of incense. Christmas is especially beautiful in this almost 850 year old Cathedral because each year the creche or nativity scene is done by a different artist. If you go during the holidays I recommend that you go during the week, at the weekend you cannot even move in the place it is so crowded. At Notre Dame you really want to be able to step back and take it all in, or at least have a foot in front of you to see something, at least I do.

View from front.

Front door close up

View from one end

3 wise men

Mary and Joseph

Angels we have heard on high!

Baby Jesus is placed in manger at midnight mass on Christmas Eve

Shepherds tending their flock

View from opposite end
Side view going into garden
What a beautiful experience! If you would like more information on the Cathedral, the art, the gardens, or the holidays go here, you will find everything that you need in both English and French. The section on the holidays is fascinating, it explains all about the history of the creche, the selection of the artists, and the building of this beautiful piece of Christmas tradition. The creche will be up until February so you still have an opportunity to see it after Christmas!

Have a fabulous day, enjoy the spirit and joy of the holidays. Christmas is two weeks away!

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  1. Beautiful. It is just spectacular.
    Love those little lambs too :)
    Did I see some green leaves on the trees? Was the weather fairly mild??
    I miss this magical place so..
    - Irina

  2. How spectacular. What a wonderful time of year to visit in all its Christmas glory too. Lovely pictures Elizabeth, thank you for sharing.....have a great weekend!

  3. NOTRE DAME was the very first structure that I saw in Paris after emerging from the Metro. I remember feeling frozen in time, looking at this massive structure that many other lives had gazed upon over the CENTURIES, and there I WAS, looking at the same wonder. It took me the entire eight days to soak in the fact that I was there. Oh dearest, soooo late am I, but here I am to enjoy your share. Have a lovely weekend Anita

  4. Wonderful! I love the nativity scenes and that picture of the door detail is spectacular! Keep 'em coming Elizabeth.

  5. Dearest Elizabeth!!! I got it!! What a lovely and beautiful surprise!
    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, your kindness, dear friend...
    The post card is SO CHARMANTE, I love the vintage look with those darling children.
    Again, I am thrilled that you had a wonderful time, and that you had your fill of French Hot Chocolate:))
    MERCI MERCI!!! You are so kind..
    - Irina

  6. Such a treat to see Notre Dame at Christmas time. You must have had a wonderful time visiting Paris in December. Thanks for sharing all those great images!

  7. Oh Elizabeth you have been to Paris! Your pictures are wonderful, I love the nativity scene, the figures are so beautifully made.
    I am behind with my visits so am sorry to have missed coming across to see you.
    Thank you as always for your sweet comments on my post.
    I wish you a happy Sunday. Abby xx

  8. My hubby and I just
    saw "Midnight in Paris"
    last night and it made
    us itch to go back!!!
    How LUCKY you are
    to be able to take it
    all in during the Christmas
    season. What a dream.
    Safe travels home!

    xx Suzanne

  9. this is amazing thank you so much for sharing, Kathysue


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