Sunday, January 15, 2012

Living in the Paris Metro, Downton Abbey and other Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday! How are you? Are you enjoying some leisure time this weekend? I am doing a little reading, mostly blogs but also Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, after I  wrote the post about the movie and so many people said the book was better I thought I should read it too. I will let you know, although to be honest, I have found that when I see a movie first I like it better and when I read the book first I like that. I will try to be open minded though.

Have you noticed IKEA seems to be everywhere lately? I feel like every time I turn around I see their name or their products. Don't get me wrong, I like the company, I am just making an observation. 

Image Overlays

Then yesterday, IKEA was mentioned again in a guest post at The Enchanted Home,where the very talented Stacy from  Conspicuous Style mentioned O'verlays (in addition to many other things). O'verlays are beautiful fretwork panels that fit on many of the plain, functional  furniture pieces from IKEA. This idea is genius and was the brain child of  Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick who created the company because they could not find products like this that they were searching for. If you would like to see some fantastic applications for O'verlays check out their new blog, there are so many great ideas for furniture, doors, window applications, and more.

Images from O'verlays

And last but not least I read an amusing article about IKEA erecting a small apartment inside the Paris Metro. At the Auber metro station,  people who travel through will get a chance to view the apartment and it's five inhabitants as they go about their daily routine. The installation called " The IKEA Apartment-54 Square Meter Ideas to Life"  was created by Ubi Bene to show people that IKEA furniture is compatible with small living and stylish living. The five residents will live in the little apartment for six days and you can see them having a coffee, sleeping and doing their daily tasks.

What do you think? Could you live in a "fishbowl" for a week in the Paris Metro? I think it is an interesting way to promote IKEA but I do not think metro living is for me, especially with four other people. Are you an IKEA fan?

I hope you have a fabulous day! I am looking forward to the second installment of Downton Abbey! Do you watch it? Are you enjoying it? If you are not familiar and would like an excellent overview go to Ciao Domenica where Sunday writes beautifully about the series as well as many other books and entertainments!


  1. Morning Elizabeth!
    As you say, IKEA is planning world domination. We have had them in the UK for a lot longer I think, and although cheap and cheerful, not much merit beyond setting up home for youngsters. I don't think their furniture is built to last. However, they are good for kitchen items and lighting. They ran a wonderful advertisement here last year with cats - did you have it there?

    Hope you are keeping warm, we are having a bit of a cold snap here and I can't seem to keep my poor feet warm. I think it's an age/menopause thing! :-)
    Happy week dearest.

  2. Hi Elizabeth..I agree with Di on but not great for the long haul. The Paris Metro idea is a lot of fun. The stores are worth a visit, I always manage to come out with something. Enjoy Downton sure to watch the Christmas Special when you finish the series. The perfect ending!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week Elizabeth!!

    Jeanne xx

  3. IKEA seems to be enjoying second wave of fame and fortune! Thanks for the mention btw, Stacys post was fantastic wasn't it? So many great ideas!! Your Sunday sounds so relaxing, I am taking a little break, today we are kind of taking it easy, big football game coming on (hubby into it) and I would love to see some if not all of Downton Abbey since I have yet to really get into it, haven't had the time but am intrigued and love those types of period shows/episodes. Cheers to a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

  4. DEAREST! I WISH I COULD GET PBS here to watch Downtown Abby; I am a HUGE FAN of anything British of this period! AND I like IKEA for some things. In fact, for many things. But what I love more are the smaller shops, that are not so HUGE that they pop up OVERSEAS! I want to go to Paris to see PARISIAN SHOPS, and of course, you will. But I prefer walking into stores HERE that are original! HOW ARE YOU TODAY?

  5. What a lovely Sunday party with such wonderful ladies! :)
    Elizabeth, sweet friend, happy Sunday to you too!
    So glad you are having a relaxing day...are you feeling better?
    Well, that whole IKEA apartment is just incomprehensible to me:))) I am way too private a person. But what a way to advertise!!:)(I hope the bathroom is private!)
    My floral couch is actually IKEA, and I love it...but I have to agree with dear Anita about the smaller shops. It's wonderful to support local artisans.
    As for Downton Abbey, I am really enjoying it. I am a huge Maggie Smith fan.
    I just watched Midnight in Paris..that was fantastic!
    Enjoy your quiet time, dear friend...are you back in warmer climates?
    Hugs to you,
    - Irina

  6. You are warm and cozy in the midst of the snow! Wonderful...enjoy your dear family, lovely friend.
    I just made some beautiful Angelina's hot chocolate..MERCI MERCI!!
    Thanks so much for visiting :)
    That is a touching photo of the gentleman with his precious dog..I remember seeing several in Paris as well.
    Sending love to you too..
    - Irina


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