Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea and Cookies Blog, Nikki McWilliams Pillows and Yonks Etsy Store

  Downton Abbey has been inspiring a love of all things British, especially tea.  Although my first love and beverage of choice in the morning is hot chocolate I love to end the day with a steaming cup of tea. I love the ritual of brewing a pot and sitting back with a book and my favorite tea cup. Are you a tea drinker? I have a feeling that many will be converts by the end of Season two of Downton!

Fabulous find! Recently sold at Yonks Etsy store, Image Yonks

To celebrate the tradition of high tea and perhaps to provide an idea or two for Valentine's Day I put together a few cups and saucers, and tea sets and of course traditional British biscuits. I think you are going to love them as much as I did.

I am sure that many of you know Diane from the blog Yonks, if you do not you are in for a treat! Di lives in Cardiff, Wales and is a great collector of stunning antiques and keepsakes; all of which are for sale on her Etsy store . These are a few of the beautiful tea cups and tea sets that I found in her store, and there are many more beautiful items from opera glasses to brooches. 

What do you think? Can you imagine yourself sitting with the oh so proper Lady Mary and having tea and a few cakes?

Or perhaps with the Dowager Countess?

All tea cup and tea set images via Yonks

I think I could happily pour a cup from any of these delightful tea sets and if I have to pick a favorite cup...I love the first one!

Now, a proper tea should have cakes and cookies or biscuits as they are know across the pond. Have you ever had the pleasure of exploring the biscuit/cookie aisle in the market in the United Kingdom? It is heaven if you like those sorts of things, of which I do! There are crumpets, and oat cakes, and custard creams, and hob knobs, and tea cakes, seed cakes and so many other tasty morsels. It is probably a good thing I live on this side of the pond, I would be as big as a house.

Delightful and whimsical biscuit cushions from Nikki McWilliams will add a bit of flair to your tea party without the calories. McWilliams is a designer from Scotland and in addition to fabulous pillows she sells brooches and limited edition prints.

I hope you enjoy a "cuppa" tea and perhaps a few cookies to go along with it and I hope you found something for yourself or a loved one for Valentine's Day.  Have a fabulous day!

If you are looking for a little something special to read while enjoying your tea, visit the beautiful  Tea and Cookies. Do you know it?  If not be sure to check it out, written by Tara Austen Weaver, writer of travel and food articles, this blog and two books; one about her life in Japan and the other "The Butcher and the Vegetarian."

If you would like some information and little know facts about tea, visit The UK Tea Council. And if you are looking for Royal of Official Souvenirs of the family visit, The Royal Collection Shop.


  1. great images, intresting writing.


  2. Oh how I love tea, dear friend! And I am constantly drooling over at Di's shop.
    Coming from Russian traditions, tea is such a big part of our life, and I have a tiny collection of Lomonosov porcelain that I use to drink my cuppa:)
    You talk about tea, but after watching this show, I always feel like slipping into a British accent..ha. I am also reading "Middlemarch" right now, so I feel completely immersed! Have you read it? I'm about half-way through.
    Beautiful painting of the tea ladies..I love the colors. And those cushions are so fun! I also peeked at the blog you mentioned..looks wonderful.
    Have a lovely week, dear Elizabeth,
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  3. I love tea nice and strong and if you add a cookie to the plate even better. Love this post!


  4. I am TERRIBLY late for my tea with you dear friends, but here I am and I bring along TEA RAT with me, whom Irina knows very well! Biskies and tea, that is our motto here! HOW ARE YOU PRECIOUS? Anita

  5. I am English through and through, but much prefer coffee. We only got tea at the boarding school I attended, and as coffee was forbidden it became preferable! Of course I drink tea, and your so right all the paraphernalia that go with tea are great fun. I'm going to look at the blogs and websites you recommend, Thank you.

  6. Oh Elizabeth, How did I miss so much on your blog. I don't know where I've been except for in a bit of a winter fog :-)

    Thank you so much for the mention, you are one of my best supporters and it means so much to me dear friend.
    Much Love


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